Games consoles - all things to all men?

Could a games console sit at the heart of your lounge room?

Some people think consoles are just for playing games, but if you look a little closer you'll find Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Sony's PlayStation 3 are very powerful entertainment devices. Even Nintendo's Wii has a few tricks up its sleeve. Movies, music, television, surfing the web - your modern games console lets you do it all, although there are a few catches.

The PlayStation 3 is obviously the home entertainment leader thanks to its built-in Blu-ray player. Along with this, Sony sells the PlayTV adaptor that turns the PS3 into a Personal Video Recorder for recording digital TV broadcasts. The icing on the cake is access to the ABC's iView service, with other services expected to follow as Sony expands its Bravia Internet Television platform.

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Apocalypse Shadow3503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

and it's offering of 3D games/music CD playback,ps2 lead the charge again offering 3D games/CD music/dvd playback/online play for FREE.

when sony released ffxi and the hard drive for ps2,they wanted to expand content offerings.all microsoft has tried to do this gen was copy sony and TRY to beat them to the punch by launching 1 year earlier to gain a foothold on digital content.successful in some parts.failed in others.but sony KNEW that an HDD was necessary for digital's why it's STANDARD this gen.

Internal Hard Disk Drive: Expanding the Entertainment Experience
The launch of the internal Hard Disk Drive opens a new world for gamers by enabling the possibility of new entertainment experiences with PlayStation 2 such as downloadable and episodic content and episodic experiences. This is the next phase of Sony Computer Entertainment's vision to use PlayStation 2 as an entertainment vehicle to distribute new forms of entertainment content. Product features include 40GB of storage, faster caching times and the ability to download content for online games such as new tracks, stadiums and characters.

ffxi was a testing ground for what was next.same with PSX(DVR)

most of what was in the PSX like the cross media bar(XMB),was added to ps3.and now...

ps3 leads the pack again for sony by offering 3D games,CD playback/mp3/dvd(dvd upscaling)/web browser/movie rentals-movie purchase/tv shows-tv purchase/*3D movies/*3D games/3D social app/FREE online play again.

if you want an all in one unit,START HERE........