Death Of Manuals=Death Of Games

NowGamer: "The argument that it is more 'green' is weak. If such a move was to reduce a company's carbon footprint, they would move to download-only. Lack of manuals is a cost-cutting exercise, which isn't balanced by the knock-on effect that'll be necessary toward a game's development process. When manuals leave us, gaming will change forever. Are you an experienced gamer? If the answer is yes, then we have some important information for you:"

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Feckles3106d ago

Game manuals have been pretty pointless for a number of years now. Interesting how gamers' refusal to read them has altered the way that games are now developed – ie with the manual within the first level of the game.

kaveti66163105d ago

Unfortunately, the slippery slope fallacy will live forever.

darkmurder3105d ago

Poobisoft must die, ripping off the customer more and more nowadays. Release every game for $60US from now, crappy DRM and now putting a 'positive' spin on just trying to save money, pathetic!

Christopher3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

That's completely dependent upon the type of games you play. I think a lot of people saying this shows that a large portion of people play games without a lot of player decided elements.

FPS and average TPS action/adventures? Yeah, you more than likely don't need a manual. RPGs with a lot of class, race, skill, and other options? Yeah, give me my manual over having to exit the game or have a laptop next to me on my couch in order to look up something.

I can see getting rid of manuals for some games, but in general it's a decision that's not going to be beneficial to the player base. In fact, I fight for better manuals with more descriptions over getting rid of them for my RPGs and extensive class/skill system games.

The sad thing is that the best manuals I've read and used have been for PC games. I think the whole dumbing manuals down is primarily unique to the console generation since they have to fit in the same case as the disc, which doesn't provide for much room. But, then there are games like Demon's Souls that knows you need an extra booklet to figure out some of the creature you'll be fighting and your overall weapon/skill options.

Cajun Chicken3106d ago

Actually, I have to agree. These days, nobody bothers creating an instruction book you'd LIKE to read, these days it just covers how to turn on the console you OWN, the basics of how to play the game (which you learn in every game's customary tutorial these days) and a very rubbishy back page with credits and two pages for 'notes' which nobody EVER uses because cheats hardly exist these days, or the appeal of them has stopped. An recent exception is the great instruction book for No More Heroes with a little comic inside. The instruction book should be A PART of the games universe, not a DISTRACTION from it.

The passion of making a good instruction book has just stopped these days, nobody cares about colour, design, typeface or anything.

I remember the great instruction books for games such as MDK and Wild 9, the actual instruction book would have the background of the game and wittily written descriptions of the characters and weapons, it was even better back on amiga, Zool 2 was a comic book, Lemmings had a bit of one too.

You just don't get that these days. Sometimes in a PS3 game box you're LUCKY to get an instruction book bigger than 15 pages, which basically includes the same as you would get in a cheap calculator operating instruction book with 4 different languages from a market.

If nobody's bothering to do anything with them, chuck them. Just give me the game in the box, a nice inside cover like in the PS3 Ratchet and Clanks and a good blurb with screenshots at the back.

jimmins3106d ago

Really well said Cajun.

jimmins3106d ago

But your phone is well rubs.

Dark_Overlord3106d ago

I always read the manual before playing a game, and if its a brand new game, the fresh smell of a manual is great :)

kaveti66163105d ago

There's nothing in the game manual that isn't more succinctly available in the game menu. Well... some novelty manuals have descriptions of weapons and vehicles that aren't described in the game, like the manual for Halo 3 as an example.

But if it's easy to insert all the manual information like control setup or special character, vehicle, or weapon description on the game disc, then why not do that and save a few trees?

You guys are seriously making mountains out of molehills.

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