Halo: Reach is Releasing in Standard, Limited, and Legendary just got word from a top-secret friend of ours that works in retail that the biggest Xbox 360 release of 2010 will be coming in three unique editions, Halo Reach; once again Bungie and Microsoft will be releasing a standard, limited, and legendary version of the sci-fi first person shooter. Which version will you be buying when Reach releases later this year? No more details were available at this time, stay tuned!

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FishCake9T43497d ago

Im not surprised. Big games like this usually have various editions e.g MW2, GOW3, DMC3. Hopefully in the most expensive edition a cool Spartan Helmet?

edgeofblade3497d ago

Not sure what I'm doing with this one. If it's a Spartan-3 helmet, that's not nearly as iconic...

mittwaffen3497d ago

They might give you something to go out with a bang; something as neat as the NVG from MW2?

drewboy7043497d ago

Maybe they'll top infinity ward with a spartan helmet that has built in night vision. I'm starting to save right now.

lindquist3497d ago

tits that I was nead lol

Arnon3497d ago

If they give us a life-sized assault rifle in the Legendary Edition, or any life sized weapon for that matter, I'm sold.

4Sh0w3497d ago

All I really care about is playiing the game, Reach looks like its going to be a beast.

8thnightvolley3497d ago

i dont see how this is surprising coz its only normal for this to happen..

Sarcasm3497d ago

Halo: Reach is Releasing in Sub-HD, Standard, Limited, and Legendary

avengers19783497d ago

Haven't all the 360 Halo games done this.
They sell well so why not.

otherZinc3497d ago

I'll pre-order 2 Legendary copies.
I'll also buy a Halo:Reach console for my daughter, if they make one.

Zeal0t3496d ago

Legendary for me because i'm a sucker for limited, special and collector's editions.

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princejb1343497d ago

might as well release a spartan edition to

Tiberium3497d ago

I hope they release 360 bundle as well.

MexicanAppleThief3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

Yeah they will. I can see it now; 250gb hardrive, 2 controllers and a copy of Reach. Hopefully they'll include a years worth of xbox live.

PepperJack3497d ago

i won't be buying any version lol, i'm sick to death of halo. i just hope that the rip off versions come with something good for once for the people who wanna buy it

MexicanAppleThief3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

Well I wouldnt say that Halo Reach would suck because Bungie is going all out for this game. Looks pretty epic if you ask me.

However when this franchise passes on to 343 Industries, I'd imagine it would be far less quality due to being made by a completly new developer soley created to pump out Halo games. I'd imagine it would go through like the Guitar hero franchise, once great but now stale and oversaturated.

Of course this is all just a theory, I could easily be wrong.

edgeofblade3497d ago

I'm sure we've been over this before. If you are just coming here to hate on Halo, I'll be the lightning rod for the rest of the gaming community and tell you that we, collectively, do not care. Your commentary won't stop us from enjoying Halo games, nor will your comments stop the inevitable earth shaking sales for Halo Reach.

I award you no points, and may god have mercy on your soul.

-Alpha3497d ago

I can't get enough of Halo, especially considering it's a quality series from a quality dev group.

I avoided Halo Wars and ODST, but have played #1 and 3, so maybe I'm not as saturated to the series as you are.

Good games will never tire me. Mario games today still have amazing quality and there's a good reason for that.

MexicanAppleThief3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

I agree Halo franchise is epic, all my chums play it and Reach will be the first Halo game I'll have. I'm getting my first xbox 360 cos of it! (waiting for the 250 gb bundle).

Besides, you did a good thing avoiding Wars and ODST, they're nothing more than a average RTS and xbla game with a tacked on survival respectivley.

STICKzophrenic3497d ago

So stay out of Halo articles, PJ. It's as simple as that.

There are plenty of other games that have been milked more than Halo, which hasn't even been milked. For anyone to even compare Halo to the Guitar Hero series is really ignorant.

GH first released in 2005, and has had about 20 releases in that time period.

Halo: CE released in 2001 and has had FIVE releases, and that's including Halo Wars, which wasn't even made by Bungie.

Seriously, please get a clue before making such dumb statements.

Back on topic, I'll be getting the Legendary Edition. I love getting collectible stuff for games that are awesome. I just hope that boxart for the LE isn't final. The standard edition boxart looks so much better.

-Alpha3497d ago

Please post more often, you rarely are around.

You want to buy me a Legendary Edition? McRich Pants. I'll have to settle for the standard version. Buying a 360 itself has put a major dent in my wallet so now I have to tread carefully. All I see myself getting this year is 3D Dot Heroes and Reach. Maybe something for Christmas but I'm broke as all hell.

Feel stupid too hearing all the rumor of a 360 price drop.

Anyways, add me on XBL man, would love to play some games with u.

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BeaArthur3497d ago

Just like every other special edition if it doesn't offer something extra in-game then I'll pass.

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