TVG: Red Dead Redemption - Multiplayer Preview

TVG writes: "GTA IV's multiplayer component can essentially be divided into two schools of thought: those who prefer auto-lock targeting, and ardent defenders of unassisted targeting. Crucially, settings for one or the other system have to be specified in a pre-game lobby, which has made for a constant bone of contention among players. Here at TVG we've always stuck with auto-lock targeting, mostly because the unassisted system often results in an elaborate ballet of death whenever an adversary comes into view - you end up running around each other in circles, occasionally for minutes at a time, trying desperately to land a shot and avoid being hit at the same time (like a mating dance for sociopaths). Whenever we've chosen auto-targeting as a host to avoid this though, it's invariably ended up in protests from a strong contingent of the lobby."

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solidworm3494d ago

because the mp just took a huge nose dive for me,..........

ger1013494d ago

Pre-ordered the special edition today! I can't wait!!