Super Street Fighter IV DLC Announced With Details

With less then a week till release, Capcom has announced some interesting details about the couple of DLC packs heading to Super Street Fighter IV. First DLC to drop will be Super Street Fighter IV Tournament Mode.

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Simon_Brezhnev3493d ago

See Scamcom already talking about the dlc once again it better be free. Now you know if their doing SF4 like this they are going to whore out MvsC 3 with DLC every other week.

saint_john_paul_ii3493d ago

com'n, you know its not going to be free, its capcom.

Roper3163493d ago

Detail 1 - the dlc like all our dlc is already on the disc

Detail 2 - We like to rip off our customers by locking content on the disc so we can sell it to them later so we can make more money off of the idiots,oops I mean customers who support us as a company

Detail 3 - only suckers buy our DLC but don't tell anyone it's a secret

PanicManiac3493d ago


blackboyunltd3493d ago

$40 and free dlc? Capcom is really doing some fan service