Why Final Fantasy XIII's Mixed Critical Reception is a Positive Step for Gaming

The Rumble Pack writes: "Make no mistake, FFXIII is many parts old and many parts new, and it's more than a bit unreasonable to think that the majority of players would appreciate both parts equally. But on the positive side, I can't think of any thirteenth entry in a franchise outside of FFXIII that's garnered just as much positive buzz as it has negative."

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knightdarkbox3499d ago

alot of stupid ps3 fanboys people said ff13 was such but ff13 is amazing game..

only butthurt ps3 fanboys blame of this.

and if your a real hardcore j-rpg fan like most of the FF13 players get the version of 360 cuz have the same graphics,textures, sound etc of ps3 for sure.

nuff said.

Pennywise3499d ago

Dumbest comment of the year goes to.......

Anarki3499d ago

Deluded 360 fan.

The game is proven to be inferior on 360. Even with the disks, it's 3 disks and 1 on ps3.
Why does it matter what console people get it on? moron..

MajestieBeast3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

You are a joke if you are a real jrpg fan you would have a ps3 cause thats where the best jrpgs are not on the 360 you are just some lil xturd who started gaming 2 years ago.

Roper3163499d ago

While I am really enjoying FF XIII it just isn't what I want or expect when I buy a game with Final Fantasy in the title. But like I said I am enjoying it for what it is and I have about 90 hours in it so far and I am in chapter 11 with 80% of the quests completed.

Anarki3499d ago

I really enjoyed this game. Although, I did find it very linear, nevertheless I found it very good. If it wasn't so linear, it would be up there with my favourite ff's.

Would like to see a FF13-2 with alot more free roaming.

IrishAssa3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

If you were a real J-rpg fan you shouldn't play this game. It's a shame Final Fantasy is my favourite series but this one was just dreadful, alot of people say nostalgia is a factor, I played FF8 again last week and it's still alot better than this Hollywood styled game.