Dear Mr. Kojima… Ever thought about Metal Gear: Liquid?

PS Unlimited Writes: According to sources, Mr. Kojima is currently working on two "highly classfied" projects. One of them being such a risk that he's willing to put his career on the line if it turns out to be a failure. We all may have our assumptions of what these titles may be, but as of now as far we know it could be anything.

With that being said, I 've been asking a a question that sways far away from the idea hoping for a new "Zone of Enders" or even a continuation of Metal Gear Solid:

Mr. Kojima…Ever thought about Metal Gear: Liquid?

*Warning* Story Spoilers

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hay3101d ago

Warning, spoilers in the article.

I'd love to play the game with Liquid Snake(not Ocelot) as a main protagonist. Would be awesome.

DOMination3101d ago

He should maybe revisit Metal Gear in ten years time because the recent games have been a bit stale.

Emmettcelticfan3101d ago

a 360 fanboy still crying cuz they never got MGS4, and is now attempting a pathetic troll comment

DOMination3101d ago

I can think of at least eight games in the series since 2006 so no wonder I'm fed up with it. Kojima is a reasonably talented guy I think so he should get out of his comfort zone and do something different and from the sounds of it, that's exactly what's happening.

raztad3101d ago


Werent you on the Rising thread, praising the game because the MGS4 team was on it?

You are a nasty troll dude.

DOMination3101d ago

Yes I'm hoping Rising will be good. I didn't play MGS4 because the devs refused to bother with trophies and I don't have a PSP. That doesn't change the fact I think they need to give the franchise a break.

SmittyJ313101d ago

You didn't play one of the greatest games ever made because it didn't have trophy support?! Are you insane?! You do know the game came out before trophies were even implemented....

Oh and by the way....don't troll, it's lame.

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man0fsteel3101d ago

that this would be a fresh new experience for Metal Gear, being able to play as the sinister antagonist. It would be great to see how he came to be.

George Sears3101d ago (Edited 3101d ago )

MGS is full of interesting characters but just because we know vague facts of there past doesn't mean we need to know every single detail about there lives. Leave it towards your imagination. Doing so makes them somewhat enigmatic.

The Time Reaper3101d ago

Agreed. Look how easily Vader was ruined.

man0fsteel3101d ago (Edited 3101d ago )

Not George Lucas. Kojima made MGS3 a success by featuring Naked Snake/Big Boss (even though he's a different type of antagonist)... don't you think he would be able to produce the same quality with Liquid as he did with Big Boss himself?

ZBlacktt3101d ago

Bring back Snakes.... whatever you do Kojima. MGS = snakes and no one else.

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