Metro 2033 DLC "Probably Not What You Expect"

4A and THQ have revealed that the upcoming DLC for Metro 2033 may come as a surprise to its fanbase.

A recent tweet states that the DLC for the acclaimed first person shooter was being tested over the weekend as well as hinting that the content may not be exactly what fans have in mind.

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Fyzzu3102d ago

Which implies it's either going to be something rubbish, like a weapon reskin, or something utterly and insanely brilliant, like a Care Bears crossover set in a pre-apocalyptic funfair.

AndyA3102d ago

Haha, the latter please. I'm holding out for weird and wonderful.

Maticus3102d ago

Holding out for Hello Kitty myself

Cerebellum3102d ago

Meh, rented it, beat it...nothing will make me play it again.

toaster3102d ago

Yah right, you'll want to play it again once the Unicorn and Fairy DLC arrive. Just you wait..

Cerebellum3102d ago

Dammit! How'd you know I love Unicorns and Fairies....hahaha

Blaze9293102d ago

I agree with @Cerebellum. Beat the game and it was really nothing special at all and i didnt like it much. Nothing will make me play it again yet alone buy DLC for it.

Inside_out3102d ago

I haven't had a chance to play it yet...PLEASE...without revealing any about a rating fellas...10 being the the story and trailers....

HammockGames3101d ago (Edited 3101d ago )

@ Cez of rage

The cool parts: The atmosphere is excellent (very well done), the graphics are pretty slick for the most part.

The average: IMHO the gunplay is pretty unsatisfying => the aiming wasn't the issue. It was that the guns themselves were, "meh". Their sound effects and the response of your targets just doesn't feel quite... right.

The story isn't bad, but the book it was based on was better (recommended read in fact), no surprise there.

Overall I'd give it 7.5-8 out of 10. Enjoyable game. The atmosphere is one of the best I've seen, but the gameplay itself doesn't quite hold up.

For what it's worth, I usually love shooters and I have this on PC with the settings maxed out.

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Leord3102d ago

They use a very powerful graphical style.

thetamer3102d ago

Had no desire to play this.

Gamer7l3102d ago's an awesome game.

Ghostsmoker3102d ago

The gunplay is fun and it looks great. DLC could be nice.

HammockGames3101d ago (Edited 3101d ago )

It's actually an enjoyable game.

The graphics & atmosphere are done quite well.

The gunplay wasn't all that tight, but overall it was worth playing.

booni33102d ago

is this a popular game?

Nihilism3102d ago

...does it matter if it is?, surely you don't buy games just because other people like them...

Letros3102d ago

Horde Mode! Would require some multiplayer coding...unlikely but would be nice =)

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