E3 2007: Microsoft Conference Impressions

US, July 11, 2007 - Tuesday night Microsoft gathered a few thousand journalists at Santa Monica High School. While some thought they were coming to watch Battle of the Bands, it turned out Microsoft was holding a pre-E3 press conference. Three IGN editors and one former IGN editor gathered after the hour-and-a-half show to discuss what Microsoft showed.

Hil's Take
All good things must come to an end. Fortunately, all mediocre things must also end. And so, despite having a sore back and bleeding eardrums, I held solace in the knowledge that at some point, Microsoft's press conference had to come to a close. The conference was low key as if the big MS seemed unsure how to approach the new format of E3. Rather than dropping megaton announcements, Microsoft focused on its previously-announced Xbox 360 '07 lineup

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Bill Gates4301d ago


el oh frikin' el.....HAHAHAHA

Firewire4301d ago

That conference sucked! Lame jokes from Peter Moore and all! Nothing new from MS. Xbots have nothing to look forward to! Only 1 game from 2008! And I'm sorry but what they showed of Halo3 sucked! and everyone is saying that its basically Halo2 all over again!

Oh! And I luv how on G4, right before the conference, they said there was a special Japanese guest, and that Peter Moore would have either a snake or MGS tattoo! Fools! No MGS4 for xbots!

all the little xbots have been owned by Killzone2!

for shame MS/xbots, for shame!

KingME4300d ago

Gates, Firewire,

Where do you guys get the energy, you're ALWAYS so frickin' negative. It's no wonder you have only one bubble. I believe if you were able to loose that bubble, you'd both would be barred from this site.

Just non-stop hate, non-stop. WOW!

Keyser4300d ago

Unfortunately KingMe, it goes both ways. I watch this site from the distance mos tof the time and a lot of PS3 fans caught a lot of heat in the past few months about lack of games, George Foreman grilling, bluray player and the sort. I think that the PS3 fans are acting like the Iraqis when Sadaam was taken out of power. I believe it's just venting.



Well i give it to call of duty and Gears Was nice to see.
After Halo its no better,

I like the movie they showed.Halo 3.

And i love how Moore said X box is the most powerful console on the market. That was a mistake i see it must of been a force of Habit (he owns a ps3)

Well Good luck x box
Ur out

Last_Life4301d ago (Edited 4301d ago )

They showed great things (Fable 2, Losy Odissey, DMC4, RE5) but I am dissapointed they didn't show anything new of Banjo 3.

Retro-Virus4301d ago

Microsoft's press conf was mediocre. They din't put anyone in awe. I don't know what hardcore X-box fans think but to me SONY has already won E-3. It started with the price-cut. Now there's a buzz with the PS-3 and this is even before their conference is yet to happen.

Good job SONY !

kalle4301d ago (Edited 4301d ago )

PS3 fans should not be here. or are your console that bad so you dont wanna play it?

PS3 fans all over the world most be retards.

Keyser4300d ago

I agree. PS fans probalby shouldn't post rude stuff in a MS topic forum but don't sink to anyones level of negativity. This is Sony time to shine and I guess the pleasure has the cup over runnth.

We're all gamers, be cool baby.

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The story is too old to be commented.