Brink has 'human-level AI'

CVG: Splash Damage's beautiful FPS, Brink, will feature enemies and allies with AI that can't be differentiated from human intelligence

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dangert123501d ago

cause that means the later levels would be real hard

nycredude3501d ago

First it will look better than Killzone 2 and now this? Time to pass on this crap.

Inside_out3501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

The game does look amazing...the CGI trailer one of the best this gen and the 3 in game walkthroughs look incredible...easily one of the best FPS game play/cover systems ot there...Very Mirrors edge like....Multi-player similar to Team fortress 2 ( heavies, scout etc..)....check out the vids...Hope some E3 in game footage...

Jsynn73501d ago

This game will be great. A nice marriage of KZ2 and Mirror's Edge. I have to lol sometimes watching the trailers cuz the characters in the game look sorta like TF characters. Can't wait to get more info on this and pick it up.

FamilyGuy3501d ago

Will the characters really be jumping and tumbling around things like what was shown in that cg trailer?

Jsynn73501d ago

You can vault over stuff, mantle, and slide. As for flipping, wall running, and rolling, I don't know (would be cool though)

ELite_Ghost3501d ago

This game does look like killzone but I doubt the lighting effects are even half as good.
Also in Killzone 2, there are many particle effects in which I saw none in Brink and not as much is happenning on the map...

N4g_null3501d ago

The path finding is very very good.
So far you can vault over stuff run on the wall for a few seconds, slide on the ground while still shooting, they may be taken out.

This can change close quarter combat and even open world combat. It's a very cool system.

You can use one button to do it all or use the trigger buttons to do certain things and just stop the vault half way turn around and shot back or grab a ledge while falling and shoots your chaser while they fall LOL.

The dodging enemy fire will get very crouching tiger like for sure. It is not even using id tech 5 it is using 4.

Gone is the ai player shuttering trying to figure out how to get some where. They simple climb where they want or if it is possible. Makes it look very human like. Yet once gamers get this game you will be able to tell human from ai because the play style will vary so much.

This game is what quake 4 should have been from what I've seen so far. Splash damage never fails to impress me. They have a great team over there. I'm curious to see what they do with motion controls though.

JoelR3501d ago

Hubris: overbearing pride or presumption

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Venatus-Deus3501d ago

They can’t get super computers to beat the very best Chest players…

How can you create human level AI on tech which is 3-4 years old?

I’ll put this down to PR talk

Panzerkanzler3501d ago

Well DUUUH', that's because computers can never get as big chests as well paid porn stars! If we would have computer AIs with bigger than human chests we wouldn't need girl friends, would we?

multipayer3501d ago

To be fair though, they didn't say the AI is on par with the most intelligent or skilled human. If the AI uses every feature of the game and isn't too redundant, it would be hard to tell it apart from a human player.

Perjoss3501d ago

Are you comparing your average gamer to championship chess players? they said said 'human-level' so i guess that could be any level including people that are not very clever.

beardpapa3501d ago

human level ai smart like gamers in a multiplayer map of COD or dumb like an action movie where Arnold survives practically every thing thrown at him?

sjaakiejj3501d ago

If you mean "chess", then you're wrong. IBM Extreme Blue managed to create AI that was able to defeat the world's best chess player, but noted should be that this AI was not human like, but instead looked a million moves ahead to determine the best step.

siyrobbo3501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

my 2 year old niece is human, if you were to play her at chess im sure she would just eat the pieces or stick them up her nose, and i'm pretty sure she would suck at FPS games

djfullshred3501d ago

In 1997, IBM's Deep Blue computer beat world champion Garry Kasparov in a six match contest.

As far as just shooting combat goes, there is a physical input limitation with a human player. Once a good intellegence strategy is programmed for a NPC, they would actually have to limit the programs capability to not kick the humans ass in an unfair manner...due to us humans having to use fingers & thumbs to control our avatar.

cpuchess3501d ago

You can buy Rybka 3 for your own computer and even the top players of the world won't play it on even terms. It has a rating much higher than the world human champion.

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reintype3501d ago

I get the need, to create noise inorder to promote your game.

But surely, there are more effective and realistic way of doing it

Hyping the game to such unbelievable levels, would create an equally absurd high expectations, that would be very hard to meet.

Failing this would result in a backlash, that a new game such as this one, does not need.

It's like every game nowadays needs 1 or more outlandish claims to justify its existence.

*Sigh* When will game companies learn?

N4g_null3501d ago

No seriously you need to watch a trailer of some game play. The Ai can do all of the stuff shown.

Splash damage did thing that even id software couldn't do like make better games rather than tech. They make a crazy team though.


At least we know the AI in the game ain't gonna be bad.

Brock Danger3501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

Just what fishy-fingers said. Their actual comments are fare more believable. There have been games where I've seen the AI make decisions counter to what I thought they would do, and it indeed makes you feel more like you're fighting a human.

But alas, it will never feel the same as fighting a human since a different part of the brain is engaged (and elicits a different type of satisfaction) when we know we're facing human competitors.

EDIT: replied to wrong comment, supposed to be comment below. Sweet

N4g_null3501d ago

The key to good ai has always been great level design along with game design. It's really smart other are trying to create neural nets and real synapses simulation LOL.

sam22363501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

It's impossible for an A.I. to have human-level intelligence because humans are unpredictable. What a load of bollocks!

I hate when sites/previewers/companies do this crap to hype their game. This game will end up like Haze if they keep this up.

sajj3163501d ago

Exactly ... AI is the capacity of a computer to perform operations analogous to learning and decision making in humans (thanks dictionary). Saying Human level-AI is like saying machine level-robot.

This is stupid PR!

Fishy Fingers3501d ago

No, it's an exaggerated headline.

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