Conduit will remain a Wii exclusive

LiveWii writes : "We had the chance to have a word with Josh Olson from High Voltage Software and producer of Conduit 2. As we talked about sales, Move or even Natal, he confirmed us that the game will remain a Wii-exclusive title."

The full interview is set to be released soon.

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dangert123497d ago

it will be a psn xbla title though seems these guys love money and wonna reach every platform they can offord

Seferoth753495d ago

No they don't say that anywhere. They do say how they made enough off the game to warrant a sequel. Taking a FPS that is on a console with few of them and putting it on consoles that have way too many already is bad for business.

hatchimatchi3495d ago

They don't want to compete on the 360/PS3. HVS is talented but they can't hang with the FPS franchises that are out. They basically said the same thing when they announced 'The Grinder' for the 360/PS3, those versions are going to be completely different from the wii version. It's going to be overhead style similar to 'Hunter: The Reckoning', I suspect the wii version will remain FPS Left 4 Dead style though.

pcz3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

lmao are you having a laugh!? Talented!? People use that word to liberally. They are barely competent at making games, let alone talented! Nintendo are talented, heck, Treasure are talented.

What has HVS done to prove their talent? Their games are shoddy, tacky.

They might have the technical know how, but what use is that without creative vision? Where would nintendo be without creative thinkers? nowhere! No games that come out of HVS are even mildly interesting to me, they are ugly, like glorified tech-demos. Its like looking at a work of art created by a team of scientists, rather than artists.

SpoonyRedMage3495d ago

I think they said it would remain FPS on the Wii a while ago but they've diverted attention back to Conduit 2 now. Now I'm interested in both versions though, loved the Hunter games.

I think they kind of realised ToL wasn't going anywhere hence budget release and no hype.

Subzero200x3495d ago

why would anyone care about a garbage game like this? doom is better.