MGS4 Team Now Working on MGS: Rising

Kojima Productions confirm that the development team that worked on Metal Gear Solid 4 are now starting to work on Metal Gear Solid: Rising.

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sinncross3495d ago

Is this not very old news?
Haven't we known since just after E3 that this was the case?

gaffyh3495d ago

@1.1 - God knows

@1 - No as it tells you in the article, the MGS4 team have been working on peace walker since MGS4 released.

dangert123495d ago

some where i heard there doing things with the 360 kojima did't think was possible which means his limiting things not meaning to but if he was involed he would have i'd rather him not carry join in lol

cliffbo3495d ago

you on drugs or something kojima has never said there doing things on the 360 he thought was not possible if so please provide a genuine link to the story.

sinncross3495d ago

Oh my... I accidentally read 'Now' as 'Not'

My apologies.

El_Colombiano3495d ago

Ahh so now that they are done making MGS5 they move onto the spin off. What a shame and waste of good talent.

bnaked3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

That means, that the game will look top notch on the PS3. But still, Kojima is NOT the Gamedirector. Don't expect an epic game like MGS4.. But, that doesn't mean that it will not be a great Action Game..

AAACE53495d ago

I liked MGS4, so i'm interested to see how this one turns out! Sux that snake probably won't be in it, but hopefully, it's set up like Sons of liberty and snake pops up from time to time.

Blaze9293495d ago

oh this is hilarious. all the ps3 fanboys kept spouting that "kojima isnt even interested in Rising" "it'll suck - no kojima" what?

Army_of_Darkness3495d ago

"but with key players from the MGS4 team now working on it, hopefully the development should speed up drastically"

Now I'm relieved and much more confident that the PS3 version will be equal to the 360, if not better;)

sikbeta3495d ago

Poor Blaze...


I Hope this end well, don't like the Idea of this [email protected] mean Raiden being the Main Character but, I'll buy the Game cuz it's a MGS Game, Spin-off or not, still a MGS Game...

bnaked3495d ago

blaze, calm down..

I just mean, that not every gamedirector is a genius like Kojima..

raztad3495d ago

This definitely good news. MGS4 team working on Rising guarantee game is gonna be good.

DOMination3495d ago

I guess Kojima cares about this game afterall. Can't wait to play the superior 360 version.

Biggest3495d ago

So Kojima is working on his confidential project and some of you read that as "Kojima is now working on MGS: Rising"? I am sure you can not see why that makes no sense. And that is okay.

Whitefox7893495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

If you read the article:

"Kojima also confirmed earlier this week via Twitter that he was working on a "Confidential Project," so it is unlikely that his entire team is working on Rising."

So by that quote Kojima will be spending more time on his "Confidential Project" then Rising. Besides its old news that Kojima is involved in Rising as a producer, the team working on it is so new that he has to supervise them to make sure they don't screw up.

You do know the difference between a MGS game that is directed and written by Kojima then one that is just produced by Kojima

vhero3495d ago

@DOMination wow can you be less of a fanboy??? can people please remove his bubbles as do we really need crap like that around here. This shows we got a talented team on the game at least but not Kojima himself at least. The good thing is they worked with PS3 before so you know it's gonna look great on PS3 and since 360 is the easiest console to develop for it will too look good as for on par? We will have to wait for release date for confirmation on that. No doubt this place will be flooded with comparison shots and vids near launch..

FragGen3495d ago

You know after this most recent hype push on MGS:PW I'm a little MGS'd and Kojima'd out from a gaming news standpoint.

Darkstorn3495d ago

This is wonderful news. I'm still skeptical about Rising, but this can only mean good things for the final game.

TROLL EATER3495d ago

conformation dat kojima n co. are involved

avengers19783495d ago

This game will be on both systems, it is not a 360 exclusive.
I am a fan of MetalGear games, I've played almost everyone of them, and when it comes out(some time next year)I will pick it up for my PS3.
People keep talking crap about MGS4, and praise MGS:R. MGS4 was a great game and we will all be increadible lucky if they can deliever with MGS:R as well.
But just because the game will also be on 360 doesn't mean it will be crappy, and just because MGS 4 wasn't on the 360 doesn't mean that it is crappy.

ShinRyuHadoken3495d ago

Interesting. This could be then PS3 lead platform for MGS:R and 360 port. MGS4 team are more familiar with PS3 platform so this could be fun.

DailyAddict3495d ago

I'm glad the MGS4 team is involved in this game because originally they were having very young, fresh new talent handle this game entirely and that just sort of smelled like a disaster waiting to happen. I sort of figured Kojima wouldn't let a MGS game come out without his involvement in "some" way because I'm sure he wants to keep that games' reputation intact even though he personally did not want that game to be made.

This was a power move by Konami. Kojima didn't want Rising to exist, but Konami knows that's money and it's not as if Konami has a lot of other bread and butter games. They knew that Kojima would get involved because MGS is like his love child and even if you hate who your child is sleeping with (in this case, the 360) it's still your child and he wants to make sure that it's at least a good experience.

So, now my interest is back in this game because honestly I sort of wrote it off when they said it was Konami's B-Team building it.

captain-obvious3495d ago

Kojima him self is not working on it
why would you think that the rest of the OG's are going to work on it too ???

we know that they are working on MGS:PW aka MGS:5 on the PSP

Neo6043495d ago

haven't we learn from ff13 and AW?
even the claim to be graphic king Alan Wake is sub HD.

mastiffchild3494d ago

Meh, you can read into this whatever you like. You might think it was going so badly Kojima HAD to bring some experience ion to save the project OR it was going so well that it span to a size the new team weren't ready to handle alone-who knows?

Only fact I can see is that, whatever the state of Rising, Kojima didn't trust the youngsters alone to pull it off and seeing as he's already spread so thin himself who the hell else was going to be brought in? What I don't get is just how the old hands will react to doing a more action base game and I thought the sense in the newer team doing it was because they'd be less stuck on past MGS gaming mechanics and such. Again, though, who can tell exactly what they're up to?

raztad3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )


Shortest mastiffchild post ever? J/K :)

Probably part of MGS4 team has been working on Rising from day one, but now with MGS:PW gold it seems most of them are full time on the game. Whatever the case, Rising is not looking like a 2010 release.

I'm pretty curiuos to see what Rising brings to the table, probably it will try to cater a more action inclined audience.

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XxDeathDoctorxX3495d ago

enjoy the spin off als0 ur 360 will get rrod before the 4th level also u dont get snake also the microsoft guy couldnt say mgs right

mcnablejr3495d ago

(from the same developer)

lh_swe3495d ago

I thought you didn't want a "movie"? Make up your mind! Do you or don't you want it? Could it be that you only like MGS now because its one the 360?

CountDracula3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

is my interest in this title.


MGRogue20173495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

Hey! It's Austin Powers!! .. Love that guy lol, makes me laugh "...You alright, baby?" :D :D :D

MGRogue20173495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

Good news? You bet'cha ass it is! Kojima-san & his team are brilliant at games development :)

Bad news? .. The wait is too long for his latest creations.. And I'm not just talking about MGS Rising.. Peace Walker! :(

vhero3495d ago

The article says nothing about Kojima just the team who worked on MGS 4.