The Inferior Cinema Experience

Critical Gamer writes: I have grown bored with conventional cinema. It isn't because it's the same story again and again. It isn't because I think the actors' personal lives seem to be bigger than their line of work. It isn't anything like that. It's because after a century of work, the industry seems to have done all it can do.

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Jim Crikey3107d ago

I'm not sure if games have surpassed cinema in quite the way that is claimed, but they're now on a one way track forward.

scruffy_bear3107d ago

It will be a while before games pass cinema but as Jim Crikey says they are now on a one way track forward

Bubble for you sir

Venatus-Deus3107d ago

One day, my children or children’s children will be able act out roles in a vitual computer generated universe for entertainment. Much like the hologram rooms in Star Trek.

I would imagine that only then would movies as a story telling entertainment medium be obsolete.

Nihilism3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

Yep, games are immersive, but you don't need to be twiddling your thumbs to empathise and become the character(s) in a movie, unless you have A.D.D and need to get a platinum trophy/achievement to justify your existence....

Pans Labyrinth...find me a game that gives you the experience that movie does and I'll burn all my movies

I had a very long game > movie period. But I'm going the other way now, playing games for too long each day, it's become more of a habit than something for enjoyment, I'm going to start buying 1 Blu-Ray a week a build up my collection.

Jockie3107d ago

I went the opposite way from Dchalfont, spent 3 years studying film at university and kind of became burnt out on them (like the author of the piece I guess). But i don't think film vs game comparisons really work. Certainly there are games that try to be like movies, but there's plenty that don't and tell their story in a much more abstract way (assuming they even have a story). Very different mediums which is why crossovers always fail hard.

ThatArtGuy3107d ago

Just how movies made books obsolete. /sarcasm

Julie3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

nvm srry wrong post

Rocket Sauce3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

One of the biggest and best movies of 2009 was about a man who ties thousands of balloons to his house and floats it to South America to fulfill his late wife's dream...and this guy says there's no imagination left in film.

I don't get it.

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Mondayding3107d ago

Movies are obsolete? Get out of it! They're the top dogs of non-interactive media!
You find me a game which I can curl up on the sofa with my wife for an evening and relax in front of and then I'll start listening, but until then I'll continue to believe films are not destined for the gutter.

Hellsvacancy3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

Play Metal Gear Solid 4 lol

I like watchin movies just as much as i love gamin, theres things only film can do and there things only games can do which is y these Movie>>>>Game or Game>>>>Movie never work

I watched Darren Aronofsky's The Fountain last night, it was ace, i loved it (VERY weird) but its summin u could only do in a film, i couldnt imagine there bein a game of it

duplissi3107d ago

ah, the fountain that is a really really really good movie.

2Spock3107d ago

OMG, did you just really say MGS4? You think that is something most women would get in to? I understand it has long cut scenes in all, but really? I would have to say so far has been HeavyRain. My wife did sit down and watch me play and there was times that i played without her she asked me what happened.

Hellsvacancy3107d ago

I was only jokin bout the MGS4 thing

Duplissi a bubble 2 u mofo, it really was a good film, just bought the soundtrack off Amazon

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Cubes3107d ago

I think films will always be around. Sometimes people just want to lie back and disengage the brain and watch a film.

mjolliffe3107d ago

Films will always be around, but nothing spectacular has happened in recent years, though I do have faith that it will before 2015.

Games on the other hand, are going from strength to strength, which is brilliant. Who knows what could pop up in a few years, or what's even in development now...


tdrules3107d ago

Russian Ultranationalists make secret weapon/conspire with a make believe Middle East country.
Supersoldier (you) and a few others who can't aim go and save the world, breaking rules in the process.
you save the world.
the end.

the average 21st century fps storyline.

mrv3213107d ago

In Metro 2033 you fight German Ultranationalist... see there's Variety.

In... BC2 there's no middle eastern country... instead you have a south American stuff

In... Resistance your fighting off Aliens... see original. Oh wait you are LITRALLY A super soldier and for more of a reason than it's fun.

Your right.

e-p-ayeaH3107d ago

they made a bunch of interesting titles with interesting storylines.

wicko3107d ago

Yep I agree it is the same story in games just as it is in movies. But that doesn't always bother me, for instance Avatar wasn't exactly brand new story material but it did some really interesting things that other movies haven't. I put Avatar along with Killzone 2, the story isn't mindblowing but still enjoyable, and the visuals are just polished like crazy. Avatar had filming innovations, Killzone 2 had engine innovations as well.

While I love innovative story telling and gameplay, I can enjoy polish and technical innovation just as well. I can't stand it when reviews use lack of innovation with gameplay as a negative..

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