Jaffe: "Hate the idea of losing paper manuals"

The Lost Gamer writes:

Industry figure David Jaffe, Designer/ Director at Eat Sleep Play, has commented on Ubisoft's recent announcement regarding an environmentally friendly move to stop producing printed game manuals.

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thor3107d ago

Me too.

Also, is it actually environmentally unfriendly to be producing paper manuals? If we didn't produce so much paper, there'd be no need to grow paper trees, so there would be fewer trees. Is that really environmentally unfriendly?

thereapersson3107d ago

Especially for games that have wonderful artwork in the manual itself, or have special hints or tips placed by the developers.

I remember I used to write all my cheat codes down in the back of the game manual, or if a manual didn't have a "notes" page, I would affix post-it notes.

Those were the days... :(

Christopher3107d ago

First the manual, then the box and disc. I understand the benefits of moving towards a paperless system, but I honestly hate digital manuals since I like to have the game running while I look through it... and now to do that I have to print it on regular paper and put it in a notebook or something rather than having a handy, small-sized pamphlet available.

Inside_out3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

What a bunch of lies...this has everything to do with control....What's that you say, need help...well just fill out this on-line questionnaire, give us your E-mail address, date of birth, last known address, male or female, phone number, employer, where you can be reached, hair color, eye color...ETC....not funny guys...Ubi and EA and everyone else are trying to get as much info on you as possible...don't believe me, join can't even ask those questions for a job interview where I live....Saving the world...sure...what about the discs, plastic covers, paper inserts...please...Computers are one of the most toxic things in the world....

execution173107d ago

lol yeah i did that too but it wasn't cheats, i just wrote down finishing moves, combos, etc... makes me wonder what happened to my SNES

nix3107d ago

first thing i do when i pick up a great game is open the box and read the booklet. and that would be at some cafe or dining place. it feels good to read the booklet before you get to even put the disc in.

anyway, since it's only Ubisoft talking here (for now), i don't think it'll affect me because honestly their upcoming PoP game looks lame. the character looks really bad. so does the environment. i downloaded the video from PSN. sadly, after being treated to games like U2, Demon's Souls, Heavy Rain, God of War 3... average game doesn't interest me at all.

sikbeta3107d ago

"environmentally friendly move"

lol yeah, right....

"environmentally friendly move" = Cut Costs To Increase Profit

Army_of_Darkness3107d ago

I never ever bother to read or even open those manuals anyway, so what's the point in having them when a tutorial is like in almost every game you play these days.... Although, it does make the case feel incomplete without it...
Like an HDTV without cable.. then again, I don't even watch cable tv.

GameGambits3107d ago

Jaffe: F*ck the environment! :P J/k

I think if you are going to include a manual---make it awesome! I love when the inside of manuals are colored with art here and there or comic strips, etc.

If you are just going to make a generic, black and white, blah blah manual then yeah skip it and save the paper, but if you are going to make it look like a mini art book of sorts I'm all for it. :D

BannedForNineYears3107d ago

Anything Ubisoft comes up with, has to be bad.

Mr Pumblechook3107d ago

On Gametrailer's BonusRound with Jaffe & N'Gai Croal, Croal said he was 'moved' by the Modern Warfare 2 Terrorist scene. Jaffe said that was bullshit! He found it interesting but it didn't 'move' him to tears or anything.

Likewise about the loss of paper manuals- they can easily be recycled, but I think Ubisoft are abandoning them to save money.

Personally I like to hold a manual in my hand so I DONT have to pause and go into a menu screen to search for controls. If you've played Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed 2, you will know what I mean. It's easier to find a feather than those blimmin' fight controls!

atticus143107d ago

in a few hours we will have an article about Ubisofts new DLC: Manuals, which will be sold as a pseudo strategy guide

zeeshan3107d ago

I'll second David. He is right, the ideas simply SUCKS!

goflyakite3107d ago

I actually think the digital book could be really cool.

cayal3107d ago

"Especially for games that have wonderful artwork in the manual itself, or have special hints or tips placed by the developers."

What's to say you won't get a HD full screen version of a manual? I imagine it would be easier to produce electronic manuals with colour and a lot more artwork then printing out millions of them.

WildArmed3107d ago

Thats the only thing that keeps me from going insane when i buy a game and have to goto college or work right after.
I just keep reading it till i get on my ps3

JL3107d ago

Seriously? People are mad about this? Honestly, when was the last time the manual was anything other than useless? They've become worthless anymore.

Controls? You're usually taken through a lil "tutorial" section at the beginning of most games that explains the controls to you if needed. Other than that the manual provides nothing usually.

The last time I remember manuals being useful was back in the old days when you actually did have to write down codes, etc. Ever since save systems came into play though, that became unneeded.

Seriously, I can't even remember how many times these days I've heard people b*tch about how useless manuals have become these days and how little information they really give you. Now they want to get rid of the physical version of them and people whine? Never can be satisfied huh.

Really, manuals are worthless. I can't even remember the last time I used a manual. Back in the day the very first thing I used to do was read through the whole manual before popping in the game. Nowadays, there's nothing in there of any use really.

Want to get rid of manuals? Fine by me.

And to the ones whining about cases then discs will be next: That's a completely different can to open. Has nothing to do with this really. That's more along the lines of going digital. That's not going to happen. Cause people aren't going to want to give up physical medium anytime soon. This situation here is more akin to movie studios deciding to stop putting that lil chapter listing sheet inside each DVD case. It's virtually useless anyways, and it won't be missed (except by the ones who just like to whine and cry about everything). Only time the manuals were ever worthwhile was back when the size of a small novella and they included a place for codes and such. Now that we have a save system though, that's not needed. And they only put like 2 pages of information in them anymore these days anyways. Then the last 3 pages are just credits.

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dangert123107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

It's been there from day so i believe it should stay lol
and what about the people with no internet they going to put the manual in the game are they? doubt it

@ below true did't think about that... we still need them though lol

ElementX3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

You don't need the Internet for manuals. Most games teach you how to play the first chapter or level. Some have specific tutorials also.

BTW Jaffe, did your Calling All Cars game have a paper manual? No!

sinncross3107d ago

It was a download title.. what the hell do you expect? For the devs to post you a manual?

Seedhouse3107d ago

Ubisoft have stated that the manuals will still be included digitally in-game though, I guess we'll have to see how it works out =]

ElementX3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

If downloadable games don't need a manual, neither do physical media based games, that's my point. You can download games on PSN like Warhawk and you don't get a manual. It can also be bought on a Bluray. Same with Live and on demand games.

thehitman3107d ago

for warhawk in the store was 60 warhawk on PSN was 40. Thats an extra 20 dollars for probably shipping/casing/disc/papermanu al. Ofc its not NEEDED but a lot of people like to look at the manuel before playing their games and honestly I prefer to look at the manual then jump right into a game then boring tutorial.

BigPenguin3107d ago

Are you joking? Warhawk in stores came with a blue tooth headset. I would imagine that is why it cost more.

WildArmed3107d ago

Warhawk 60$ bundle included blutooth.
Same with Socom Confrontation.

The game alone costs 40$ (at launch)

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DigitalAnalog3107d ago

And the manual is one of the best..

Replacing that for digital... NAH UH.. these are priceless

-End statement

BeaArthur3107d ago

Don't actually read them so if they are gone I wouldn't miss them. Maybe next week we can ask Jaffe what he thinks of global warming since his opinion on any topic seems to be news worthy.

CountDracula3107d ago

Manuals don't matter to anybody unless you're a collector of sorts, in which case, have fun with your piece of paper while we gamers play the actual game.

Gobuz3104d ago

Don't be such an ignorant tard.

Instruction manuals are very useful if you want to get a quick overview of the game before playing.