Darksiders PC Details & Box Art

Darksiders will launch on the PC this coming June, and the revelation of the final box art design shows how THQ are leaving the Games for Windows platform – as was used with THQ's most recent console-to-PC releases such as Red Faction: Guerrilla, Metro 2033 and Juiced: Hot Import Nights. Darksiders on PC also appears to feature a lower age rating; a BBFC 15 certificate as opposed to the PEGI 18 that applies with the console version of the game.

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t8503107d ago

Does anyone even care about box arts on the PC anymore? i mean most people just buy games digital now.

dirthurts3107d ago

But I still don't care about the box art...
Hope this isn't a cheap port.

mcgrawgamer3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

"hope it's not a cheap port"

it's not; a previous interview from the dev stated they were going to completely re work the game for the pc. I traded in my ps3 version to be able to put money on the pc version. So I do hope they are true to their word.

kevco333107d ago

I generally prefer to stick to disc-based release too, and you'd be surprised how much of the market doesn't pay attention to game news and realies solely on the box art to make their purchase decision.

Nihilism3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

Yeah but how many times have developers said that and it's turned out to be B.S.

I'll wait for some reviews...

It seems like the sort of game that would suck with a keyboard and mouse, I could be wrong though


Wow no GFW or GFWL, that is a good sign, my new rule about GFWL games is simple...I don't buy them.

*Raises Hand*

I buy all my games retail as well.

crck3107d ago

@1.4 Yeah most third person action/platforming games suck with keyboard and mouse. Batman AA and Tomb Raider come to mind. That's why I would have preferred if this title was a GFW. Microsoft doesn't seem to allow companies to use the on screen 360 controller icons otherwise. It makes it a bit confusing when trying to play a game with the 360 controller which I plan to use for this game. Oh well you do get use to the mismatched button labels eventually.

ColdFire3107d ago

GFW is fine, thought take up a lot of the box. GFWL is a pain. I buy nearly all games digital, those that I but retail of often Steam powered, or have an option to not use the disc, (i.e BFBC2), basically, I haven't put a disc in to play a game in a long time.

Nihilism3107d ago

There are plenty of games that support a 360 control that are not GFW games, dead space being one for them, and for every other games...there are third party apps which are still 100x better than using the GFWL program

crck3107d ago

Yes, almost all new action games unofficially support the 360 controller. But I'm talking about the onscreen button icons during actual gameplay. For example a GFW game will display an "orange Y" icon on screen so it actually corresponds to the orange Y button on the 360 controller. However a Non-GFW game will display a generic "blue C button" icon or something. Then you have to memorize that it actually means "orange Y" button. I may be wrong but I haven't seen a non-GFW game map the onscreen icon to the 360 control pad so I assume Microsoft only allows it for GFW titles.

Nihilism3107d ago

Yeah I know what you mean, official support is always better, but official in game support minus GFWL is the perfect outcome, bad MS bad.

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Charmers3107d ago

"design shows how THQ are leaving the Games for Windows platform"

FINALLY companies are getting it into their thick heads that the GFW and GFWL branding/service is like a kiss of death to your game sales wise.

Letros3107d ago

Metro 2033 =/= GFWL, it used Steamworks

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