In-depth Review: Samurai Shodown Sen - Electronic Theatre

Like many of SNK Playmore's prolific fighting game series, Samurai Shodown is considered to be a game built for the serious Beat'-Em-Up fanatics. Stepping past the instant accessibility of Street Fighter, the speed and stylishness of Soul Calibur and even beyond the complicated crush manoeuvring of Virtua Fighter, Samurai Shodown Sen has a fervent fanbase awaiting it's reaction-based system. Samurai Shodown Sen is a game about positioning; working out an opponents point of balance and working against it. As in any one-on-one Beat-'Em-Up, glancing blows may chip away a bit of health, but Samurai Shodown Sen is played best by gamers with a keen understanding of the duration and range of their attacks; much like snooker, Samurai Shodown Sen is as much about where you will end-up after a manoeuvre as it is involved in committing to the action to begin with.

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