Halo 3 Hits Games on Demand

Bungie's FPS Halo 3 is now available for download on Xbox Live.

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SixZeroFour3107d ago

doubt it, with about 1/3 to 1/4 of all 360 owners having a copy, dont think there would be much more that would get it

math came from about 10mil copy sold, and about 33-40mil 360's out there (i know there arent exactly 40mil 360's out there, it was just an approximation)

dangert123107d ago

people who say they don't like halo will give it ago i think like they will be like let me see what this hype is about etc

fossilfern3107d ago

So how are bungie going to sort the performance issues when the game is dumped on the hard drive ? I remember they were telling people not to install Halo 3 on their hard drive or install the Halo 3 MP disc from ODST in their HDD due to performance issues or are bungie ignoring it ?

dangert123107d ago

i've got Odst mythic disk on my HDD and i've been fine i should think they would fix the halo 3 problem if what you was sayin is true

evrfighter3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

if its cheap ill prolly get it.

just checked...not worth $30. I MIGHT have paid $20 definitely would have paid $15 though.

I keep trying to remember to pickup a used copy whenever I hit up game crazy or gamestop but I always forget.

MSpence5163107d ago

>1/3 to 1/4

Blaze9293107d ago

that's weird...I thought Halo 3 could not be played from the HDD

IdleLeeSiuLung3107d ago

Halo 3 can definitely be played from hard drive and the only penalty is slightly longer load times. They didn't recommend it as it makes other party members wait longer in multi-player games.

It has no effect on the game itself.

Bnet3433107d ago

No, you can install and play Halo 3 from your HDD. The thing is, Bungie has stated that Halo 3 (as well as Mythic) were optimized to run off the disc meaning you would load maps faster. Installing it or having it will only increasing load times by a teensy bit, you won't notice it though. I checked it out myself it's really nothing.

Inside_out3107d ago

Bungie released a statement saying to NOT load the game on the HD...the game was designed to stream from the disc...anybody else read that....

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CountDracula3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

I haven't played Halo 3 since my disc got extremely scratched up, and since I couldn't install it , I said goodbye to the MS.

But now, I think my lazy ass might consider it for a second run.

William Gates3107d ago

Would Dowload this Crap

kevinx10003107d ago

everyone's already got it :P

...why am i replying to you?

Dorwrath3107d ago

I think it will do pretty well, not huge but I think it will do surprisingly well. There is many I know who's disk is scratched and can't play, so maybe they will decide to buy it as install so they can play again.

There was an issue where if you installed Halo 3 to the HDD it would slow matchmaking down because the 360 was copying the maps from the HDD to cache causing longer load ups. Wonder if they have fixied it. However I do have the Mythic disk installed and that doesn't slow load up times at all.

Whyis Halo CE and now Halo 3 on games on demand, but not Halo 2? My Halo 2 disk is scratched bad and wouldn't mind a downloadable version for playing the campaign again.


Halo 2 has issues on the 360 that causes you to exit the game to fix the bleeding effect in SP and some MP maps. Halo 2 was never emulated right so it runs a bit rough.