Red Dead Redemption VS Grand Theft Auto 4

TGH Writes:

"Red Dead Redemption is starting to receive a lot of hype & since it is being developed by Rockstar Games, I started to wonder if Red Dead Redemption has the potential to be a bigger & better game than even Grand Theft Auto."

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CountDracula3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

Then we all lose.

(Got bored half way through and quit)

cpuchess3105d ago

Red Dead Redemption has real potential. From what I have seen in videos it has a lot of side quests to do outside the main mission unlike GTAIV.
I think I heard the open world RDR is 3 times bigger than GTAIV which would be awesome.

DanSolo3105d ago

Red Dead looks alot better than GTA4.

GTA4 was a big step up from the earlier ones in terms of graphics and story, but in terms of fun it took a few steps backward.