Gizmodo paid $5K for next-gen iPhone

Gregg Keizer of Computer World writes:

"Gizmodo, which posted photos today of what it said was the next-generation iPhone, paid $5,000 for access to the smartphone, said Nick Denton, head of Gawker Media, which publishes the blog.

In an e-mail reply to questions, Denton said "$5k" when asked how much Gawker paid for access to the purported iPhone. Earlier today, Denton had tweeted, "Does Gizmodo pay for exclusives? Too right!""

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Kevin ButIer3105d ago

Come on Gizmodo!!! You can get 16 ps3 or 83 GOW III with that money.


wicko3105d ago

I don't think you understand how much traffic that got them..

Reibooi3105d ago

I heard they paid 10k for it on Attack of the Show yesterday. Maybe they were just uninformed.

Speed-Racer3105d ago

It was confirmed to be $10000

JustinSaneV23105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

Link to said proof or confirmation?

The head of Gawker says $5000 say I'm pretty sure that's the real amount:

edgeofblade3105d ago

I think you are missing the real FAIL here:

Gizmodo paid for trade secrets. There could be legal ramifications for this.

JustinSaneV23104d ago

More confirmation (from Gizmodo) that it was $5000:

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theEnemy3105d ago

traffic $$$$ they got is worth more than $5,000.

I'd do the same if I were in the position.

washingmachine3105d ago

engadget is a better site lol

Speed-Racer3105d ago

I gotta agree with you somewhat. I dont know personally if any of their past stories involved underhanded activities, but their operation looks more legit. I think gizmodo made a big journalism mistake just to get the biggest story on the net. Even though they did get this huge burst of hits, their reputation is scarred ... and sometimes I wonder why giz fans always complain of being targeted... maybe their dirty tactics speak for itself... i really hope apple takes a dump in their face now... e.g. no press exclusives, no early previews etc.

Mr_Showtime13105d ago

I don't see how it was a mistake. They had the risk of buying this and it turning out to be a dud. They bought it from someone who found it, so they could get first viewing of it, but Engadget had it the night before, albeit unconfirmed. It's not as if they paid an apple employee big money to leak it to them.

Lionsguard3105d ago

Give me a damn break, Engadget would of had paid for it too. Who wouldnt? The guy tried to give it back to apple and was shot down so he went and sold it to an open buyer. Get off your high horse, I'm sick of you Engadget elitists who all of a sudden think because you prefer Engadget over Giz, you're all of a sudden more sophisticated, so don't tell me that if you were to dangle the 4g prototype in front of Engadget they'll just walk away and say "NO THANKS, WE'RE LEGIT!" LOL Giz is just doing what journalism people do, they get the story even if it involves getting their hands dirty.

Speed-Racer3105d ago

Let's assume Gizmodo charges a CPM of $12 per ad...and there are 3 ads...

Counting the page views on the 19th and 20th (as of the time this post goes live)

19th - 20 million+ views
20th - 5 million+ views

so 25 million/1000 = 25000x12x3= $900,000 in ad revenue alone.

This is assuming that they have advertisers paying at their rate...even if they showed google ads which does about $1 - $2 per CPM on tech sites... they would have made between $90000 - $180000 within the last 36 hours... if u look at it from a traffic/ads point of was more than worth it... from an ethical point of view... i dunno wats wat...

xg-ei8ht3105d ago

Kevin ButIer

Vice president of www.Don'

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