The PlayStation Network Is Under Attack

Ironstar: "Users on the PlayStation Network have been reporting some serious issues regarding PlayStation Network code generator websites, these generator websites have reportedly hacked into people's personal info through PSN."

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ClownBelt3106d ago

Thank you for the fast report. Gotta be careful guys.

FanOfGaming3106d ago

No prob bro. Many of the guys over at Ironstar use our PS3s daily so we came across the issue pretty quick.

WildArmed3106d ago

I actually got a mail from a friend about it. But i was in a game when i opened it so it really didnt effect me.

but I changed my pass anyways,

Thanks abunch guys!
Keep us updated please

pimpmaster3106d ago

this isnt an issue. its just a moron that clicked on one of those spam emails and entered in his account and password into one of those "get free point cards" scam sites. moron deserved it for actually believeing it. it has nothing to do with psn other than thats where he was spammed about it.

jjacinto233106d ago

open it and never gave my info because you know when it was a scam domain they all have the same message

Redrum0593106d ago

ive gotten those stupid azz chainletters on my psn, nothing has ever happened but i costantly tell my buddies not to send me those stupid mssgs.

hey everyone, keven butler here...
hey fellow psn users...
ect ect...

stupid chain mail.

ThaTruthMVP3106d ago

I've had about four people report unauthorized transactions being made on their PSN account

-Alpha3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

Wait, what the hell is happening? Article makes it sound like its breaking news. As long as I don't stupidly give away my password I'll be okay, right? I'm not going to get attacked simply for logging in?

Edit: Oh ok Now I see. How on earth did a co-worker get attacked unless he fell for the scam? This title really scared me. This really is nothing new, happens on XBL a lot. Promises of point generators are clearly a scam/lie, and if people are getting hacked then its an issue.

Anyways, Sony gives us copy and paste feature and people abuse it. Luckily my PSN list is full of people who don't spread that nonsense. The "Blocking Spam Senders" helped too lol.

Edit2: I'm really confused... Simply opening a message=potential hacked account? Or does clicking the link get your account hacked?

captain-obvious3106d ago

yah ive got like 3 of those ""keven butler"" e-mails
nothing happened since i don't use my real info
and i don't use any bank account to buy anything from PSN
i just use those pre-paid PSN cards

presto7173106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

One of my "friends" sent me this crap this afternoon and I opened the damn thing.

Time to start taking down that info and moving that money before bullsh*t happens.

That b*tch is going on the black list.

Brklynty13106d ago

This is why my codes only come from,websits associated with Sont(,etc.) Or the back of a PSN card. Must have been little kids.

FanOfGaming3106d ago

There was no information entered into any website by the user referred to in the article. Many other PSN users have also reported suspicious purchases on their credit cards.

Red_Orange_Juice3106d ago

stupid people are under attack all the time

shadow27973106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

These things are on 360 too, why is the article only about PSN?

Philaroni3106d ago

Still, it is good to know. As PSN and XBL get more and more popular we will see this happen much more. So far both Sony and MS have done a great job of keeping there consumers info safe.

ThatCanadianGuy3106d ago

I instantly delete anyone who sends me any form of chainmail.

No worries for me :)

sid4gamerfreak3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

This never happens on xbox live


Hill_billy3106d ago

Then you are the same folks that open the phish emails and give all your personal information up to hackers. Truth is folks, if you don't know them, you should not even bother opening the message. Delete it.

jmare3106d ago

Don't lie. Your "coworker" may claim he just opened the message and suddenly his account was hacked, but if that were true, why didn't they use your, I mean his, credit card information and steal stuff people would actually want like most identity thieves do instead of buying a bunch of crap on a closed system? Everything I can find about PSN Code generators is just phishing scams. I can't feel sorry for someone getting burned when they try to cheat the system.

For what you're claiming to be true, the PSN would have to be completely hacked and if that were the case, why would people go through the trouble of sending messages?

You/He got phished. Don't try to make it into something it's not.

HolyOrangeCows3106d ago

This is why I don't use credit card info on PSN or LIVE.

HolyOrangeCows3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

Wait, this doesn't make any sense.

So all I have to do is not click on a suspicious URL?
ZOMG, it's a freaking INVASION. lol

EDIT: This is stupid, you're not going to get info stolen from opening a PSN message.

pansenbaer3106d ago

This is BS. I opened 2 of these messages a couple days ago AND visited the site that was in the message. Once I saw it was a chain letter site, I closed it and haven't had any problems. How does a URL in a PSN message obtain my personal information!?

Double073106d ago

"How does a URL in a PSN message obtain my personal information!?"

It cant, if it could then potentially every single one of 25 or more millions PSN accounts could be hacked by just opening a single message, that would be a pretty major flaw with the network and obviously cant happen. Just delete/ ignore the message and dont visit the site on your PS3 or PC and send a "nice" message back to the person who sent you it in the first place ;)

Pennywise3106d ago

I went to the site and knew it was BS. I didn't enter my info and I am fine.

pixelsword3105d ago

1. Warn them ONCE that it's a scam, and don't send any more chain letters to you.

2. If they fall for it more than once, do you really want that person on your PSN friends list? I don't; so I remove them, but everyone gets one warning.

kagon013105d ago

Agreed, I knew something was wrong with that message I received so I totally ignore it...

Never fall for phishing you idiots...(goes for those who got attacked)

Nineball21123105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

I kept getting these emails from ppl the past couple of days wanting me to click on a link for some code generator.

I immediately deleted them. In this day and age, you can't just click on anything someone sends you even IF you know them, let alone random ppl met while playing games.

I'm glad I used some caution.

Joe29113105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

I entered the link a friend sent on the PC, but didn't try to do it myself. Am I safe? I didn't put in any details, i think about the worst thing they could have is my IP adress, but I don't know that much about internet security D=

Edit: I was on an account that has no banking details, but I have other accounts on my PS3 which do have banking details on them. I still don't get that sending me a message and opening it hacks your account. Are you sure its not the people who actually get 10 views or whatever and enter their details to get the PSN card, that get their account hacked?

vhero3105d ago

scam/spam mail with phishing websites? These are not exactly new are they?? Surprised they took so long to do PSN codes they been doing 360 ones for years now.. Paypal is the worst though I get at least 2 a week telling me I gotta log into paypal through there fake link otherwise my account will close. Luckily it goes straight to my junk box and I never see it unless I physically check my box and laugh at the sad people who send them. The sad thing is though most these things are sent through your average users PC's which have spambots on them. Mine was attacked last week took me 2 days to remove a spambot that was sending out spam mail.

Just always look at the url before entering details. Firefox is good as if its a secure site it will show the address bar in green if its safe and the new IE tells you if its a scam site too. Not sure about other browsers. You can install addons for firefox.
install that for firefox to avoid phishing sites. I hope this helps save somebody :) Bubbles in return would be a nice thankyou.

BannedForNineYears3105d ago

Rofl, my idiot friend told me "Harry! This site will give you 10 dollars if you refer 10 people! It soo works! Click this!", and I'm like, "NOOOOOO! STFU NOOB!".
And then I read about it being a scam, so the next day I'm like, "Hey, that link you sent me was a scam ya'know?", and he's like, "Yeah, I know.".
I freaking hate chain letters.
Especially the "Send this to 50 friends and you'll get 20 dollars".
How retarded can people be? -_-

ThanatosDMC3105d ago

Well those people are stupid that they thought psngenerator was a legit site. Those people on my friends list that spammed me that crap was immediately deleted off my friends list.

HolyOrangeCows3105d ago

I think we all know what happened:
This guy's moronic friend went to the website, and was dumb enough to give away his PSN and or credit card info. And now he won't admit it.

Christopher3105d ago

When people provide the information, it's not hacking. One of the biggest issues is that people use the same info for accessing PSN as they do for logging onto various Web sites. Heck if I'm ever going to use my PSN e-mail/pwd combination outside of PSN.

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LordMarius3106d ago

Sony tighten your security, this shouldn't be happening especially when you have people's credit card info

just checked my bank account, all is good.

jjacinto233106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

it's costumer's fault in the first place, Did your mommy tell you never talk to strangers unless if it was your real dad
@ alpha
Sony is your real rich dad lol

-Alpha3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

Sony isn't your mother. They can't help stop gullible people who give out their password to sites that promise free money.


Actually that's what I thought, the article is a little confusing, or perhaps its these comments.

Edit2: Ken Kutagari is your Father lol.

LordMarius3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

lol, well the article makes it seem as though by just opening the message you get hacked, guess that's not true.....

@ below
I understand that, I'm not stupid, just that the article makes it seemed otherwise

and for the record I retrack my first comment, lol

N4BmpS3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

It's the same thing as when you're on the Internet and you go to a website that tells you that "Congratulations you won a new iPod/iPhone," same scenario different setting; you really should know better. Spam is a natural/annoying part of internet related things. Sony just has to look into it but it's not their fault people get greedy and want more free stuff.

@above I know I didn't mean for it too sound like I was patronizing you or anything but I was just saying. Just a little food for thought.

rexus123453105d ago

the allegations claim personal information is stolen right after clicking an URL link (not exactly phishing, where user have to enter the information manually). While it's normal on Windows, this should never happen on PS3.
If anyone wants to point figures, we all know certain hackers (Geohotz and some other guy) who released PS3's OS dump and "hacks" recently. Those information could be used to create this exploit.

vhero3105d ago

This is nothing to do with Sony phishing happens everywhere and its down to lack of the end users knowledge/security a good antivirus suite comes with anti phishing but just in case here is a firefox addon If you wish to thank me bubbles are a good thankyou :). That addon is great tells you straight away if you on a site that will steal your details.

Pennywise3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

Sony should put an IQ test to get a PSN account if you think this is Sony's fault.

I am baffled by how many people give away their personal info to outside sources without even checking who they are.

I don't care if Krazy Ken called me... he is not getting my PSN password. Use your head people.

MariusElijah, that is like you blaming Nigeria for the email scams.

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TheHater3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

trying to exploit the PSN code. Good for the idiot getting their account hack.

Yeah, I didn't buy that crap either. The probable visited the site and put their PSN information in.

FanOfGaming3106d ago

Its not that simple...
By simply opening the message your risk having your PSN account hack.

ISKREEM3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

"By simply opening the message your risk having your PSN account hack."

Okay, that sounds like a bit of a stretch to me.

Dsnyder3106d ago

*Head explodes* Did you even think before typing that?

TheHater3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

wrong reply

BannedForNineYears3105d ago

You could send links to viruses, open it, nothing would happen.
Are you guys retarded?
You have to go to it, enter your credit card account...And then you're screwed.
But you'd have to be retarded.

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crazyturkey3106d ago

Who are stupid enough to fall for something like this, really deserve whatever happens to their accounts.

socks3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

Even in the age of the internet people are stupid and are entitled to protection against this S. You are using a service you trust (supposedly). You have to be sick to think people deserve it.

Remember the "attachment scares" of the email days. This is considerably less obvious.

I did get one of those chain letters. I responded to the user who sent it "go F yourself."

L-Teezy3105d ago

the guy is just too embarrassed to admit he fell for a Phishing scam. he ran across a fake psn login page, and put his account info in it.

Meryl3106d ago

oh no i opened that mail, now i have to change my password i am so going to send a nasty message to the person who sent me it.
i am glad i did not fall for the promotion tho it did look suspicious.