A Letter: Apple Wants Its Secret iPhone Back

Gizmodo Writes: Well, how can I explain this? I got some interesting calls today. It was Apple. And they wanted their phone back.

This phone was lost, and then found. But from Apple's perspective, it could have been considered stolen. I told them, all they have to do to get it back is to claim it-on record. This formal request from Apple's legal department is that claim. It proves-if there was any doubt in your mind-that this thing is real.

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JustinSaneV23103d ago

From Gizmodo's comment section

jjacinto233103d ago


Barbapapa3103d ago

someone is going to get fired for losing that phone.

Eamon3103d ago


Qbanj693103d ago


How about last guy to have lost an iphone prototype killed himself.

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Erotic Sheep3103d ago

Sounds to me like some cool viral campaign..

Hill_billy3103d ago

Either this is the biggest fail in secret keeping or, this will go down as one of the best viral campaigns to date. I am suggesting too that it is a viral attempt and will be the start to a pretty big hype train.

Speed-Racer3103d ago

Gotta admit, Gizmodo did a lot of crap and lying just to get an exclusive... I hope those 3+ million hits was worth it... If I were Apple...Giz would have been screwed from now on.... no previews, no exclusives, no press invites.

Baka-akaB3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

Well they are the same idiots who thought funny to pull pranks at CES booths and got once banned for it .

It doesnt surprise me they would blackmail for info , after BUYING stolen goods .

The fake concern for the guy loosing the phone in the PS is almost touching , probably more than him most likely loosing his job .

The way i see it , if it's a PR stunt they are scum passing as tech journalists ... if it's true , they are actual scum .

In the end they didnt even provide than much info after sitting with it for so long

White-Sharingan3103d ago

they are almost at 5 million views; they must be loving the attention.

But I still think this was all planned by Gizmodo and Apple..

Rhythmattic3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

"they are scum passing as tech journalists"

Most Likely.

Ah, F it, they are probably on the money...

Its hard to know, Being entrusted develops for the Mac Platform , since MS Stole the GUI idea from Apples Mac ( Yes it was developed by Xerox Pac , but they invested in apple to implement the Idea into the main stream Personal Computer, which apple could & did) They "Apple" keep a very tight ship regarding up - coming Software/Hardware.

Anyone that has even seen the manufacture of only the "Volume Button" signs a NDA. Can you blame them ?

Funny though, with apple manufacturing certain components in China , What do they expect ?

If this is for real, they guy that had it is gonna be expelled.... A very Naughty boy.

beardpapa3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

Poor Powell [if fired] will have a difficult time looking for a new job at a tech company. Considering pretty much the whole world now knows him as the guy that drank irresponsibly and cost a tech company big, and you bet other tech companies are probably keeping an eye on the Gizmodo articles.

"Oh I wouldn't want this idiot in my company.. who knows what other things he'll lose."

Maybe Gizmodo will hire him, but who knows! Maybe they won't want him to be losing their next big article at a bar.

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karlowma3103d ago

God I'm sick of hearing about this. When exactly did the iPhone become more important than Jesus?

Kyle12123103d ago


Moentjers3103d ago

more important than who ?

White-Sharingan3103d ago

you didn't know? Jesus has an iPhone as well http://otroagujero.files.wo...

they are equally important!

Elven63103d ago

Ok so,

- Drunk Apple guy loses phone
- Drunk guy finds phone, sobers up and sells it to Gizmodo for $5,000
- Gizmodo reveals it to be the iPhone 4G
- Gizmodo gets over 5 million hits on post (to date)
- Gizmodo reveals Apple employe who lost phone's identity but not sellers
- Apple wants phone back, Giz bends over and tries to make nice nice with them...

Journalism rocks!

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