6.0 Review | Hysteria Project (PSP mini)

Ex: "With the rising popularity of digital downloads and bite-sized gaming, episodic content - games produced and sold in smaller fragments that build into a recognizable series - is slowly gaining the mindshare of the gaming consumer. Games sold in this manner can be appealing because of the small initial investment, and the allure of suspense between releases.

This Thursday, Sanuk Games will be releasing Hysteria Project to the US Playstation Store for $1.99. Originally released in the iTunes App Store by Bulkypix to dramatically wide-ranging reviews, it's very much a production that aims to follow in the footsteps of titles like Siren: Blood Curse, while mixing in light inspiration from Heavy Rain and even that old FMV cheese-fest for the SEGA CD, Night Trap."

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shadowdancer3501d ago

Man, it feels like even for $2 I should get more gameplay...looks totally ambitious though, at least visually.