Destructoid Review: Mega Man 10 DLC: Bass and Special Stage 1

Destructoid writes: "The first two batches of Mega Man 10 DLC are out, and both are tailor-made to please the most loyal of Mega Man fans. Bass mode and Special Stage 1 bring us characters who have never been seen in a NES-style Mega Man game, and the results aren't entirely what I expected. I thought I knew these guys. I've played as Bass before in Mega Man & Bass, and I've fought Special Stage 1's Enker in both Mega Man on the Game Boy and Mega Man Soccer on the SNES.

I thought I knew what to think of these two Mega Man haters, but I'd never seen them like this. The results of bringing Bass and Enker to the 8-bit Mega Man world are both exciting and strange."

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