Orange: Final Fight: Double Impact Review

Double Impact brings us two classic Capcom side-scrolling beat 'em ups, Final Fight and Magic Sword. Many gamers with have fond memories of them, Final Fight in particular, but even those who didn't haunt the arcades in their youth are likely to thoroughly enjoy this jaunt into gaming history. In Final Fight you have to save the lovely kidnapped Jessica as either her boyfriend, his mate or her father the mayor, working your way through Metro City beating up everybody in sight. Magic Sword is a little less gritty in a fantasy setting against mummies and monsters, with you fighting using a sword and fireballs.

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monkey nuts3105d ago

was so pleased to see it on the store until I read the terms & conditions. You have to be signed in to the PSN to be able to play the game. What dipsh!t came up with that bright idea. I crave the opportunity to throw a dead badger at the 'person/s' responsible for this outrageously shortsighted measure.