LazyGamer: Splinter Cell: Conviction Review

LG writes: "For spoiler reasons (even though it's been a while) I am not going to give away certain core parts of the story as they continue from the previous games.

The only thing you need to know is that Sam Fisher went AWOL after finding out that his daughter was killed in a car accident, but in light of recent news that his daughter may still be alive, steps back into the ring. Conviction feeds off of many contemporary fan favorites and brings in elements that fans of The Jason Bourne series as well as Jack Bauer will really enjoy."

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crimson death3108d ago

Did he just say he wasn't going to drop any spoilers but then a few lines down drops one of the biggest spoilers of the game????Going into the game i thought the Sam's daughter was dead and he "steps back into the ring" cause he finds out his daughters death might not have been an accident".

maybe the lazy gamer didn't do his research.