Destructoid - Counterpoint: Final Fantasy XIII is beautiful, classic

Destructoid writes: "I have loved every single numbered main game in the Final Fantasy series. All of them. (Yes, that includes II and the surprisingly polarizing XII.) Of course, I love some more than others (VI 4 LIFE!), but there has never been a main Final Fantasy game I haven't liked.

But going into Final Fantasy XIII I was nervous. First there was the ridiculously delayed release, then the talk of the game being very linear, and, finally, the harsh reviews that never, ever go hand-in-hand with a Final Fantasy game (including the now infamous one by our very own Jim Sterling). When I picked up the game the day it was released I truly thought this may be the first Final Fantasy game that could quite possibly disappoint me."

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CountDracula3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

Most of the recent FF games just seem to only captivate/play on the emotions of EMO kids that fantasize (on a daily basis) of co-splay fetishes involving the characters from the series.

(Goes and plays Shadow Hearts: From a New World (again) instead)

Chris3993104d ago

That was truly a wonderful, Gothic series (starting way back with Koudelka on the PSX).

aaronisbla3104d ago

From a new world was horrible compared to the first 2

Shendow3104d ago

Anyways FF13 was pretty good, battle system I think should be alittle better but that is about it. Great story an look awesome, it an Star Ocean were the only games my gf stay up an watch me play.

ClownBelt3104d ago

Star Ocean 4 was full of problems. It's an absolute mess.

hetz153104d ago

what mess are you talking about? SO4 is one of the best RPGs this time around.Now I just have to pick Resonance of Fate and import Record of Agarest War from Europe because of the PSN "Exclusive". stupid downloadable-only game.

Chris3993104d ago

At least Tri-Ace have kept the spirit of the JRPG alive. Exploration, flashy combat, animesque, hyper-emotional stories. Star Ocean is pretty fun. Even Infinite Undiscovery has a terrific sense of scope and freedom right after the first dungeon.

I'm not certain what FFXIII was trying to be (a music video?), but I didn't care for it and have yet to finish the game. First time that I've EVER shelved a FF. And I've played ever single one (several times, in the instance of I, II, V, VI, VII, VIII).

Shendow3104d ago

Yeah it was a mess...On the 360, it played good on PS3 an all problems from the 360 were fix.

I put more hours into that game then I have into a Elder Scrolls game.

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r0s3b0wl233104d ago

Destructoid? Lol gay site no one cares about.

Superduper093104d ago

I platinum'd the game last week and I gotta say that I really enjoyed the battle system in FFXIII and I also liked the fact that there's no Magic Point in this game. The post-battle rating is also a nice addition.

However, the game should have had more chapters like Gran Pulse where you can free roam and pick whatever monsters you want to fight or not. The main story is also a bit short IMO.

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