Gears of War 3 Hype: I Don't Get It

When you make a low[er]-budget campy 50 Cent: Blood On The Sand game. Those are budget-brain cells being lost that you can cultivate playing a complex romp through Mass Effect or Fallout 3. Maybe pick up a mildly entertaining science fiction book. The great things that Cliff Blezinski has done for gaming has established him as a figure akin to that of a Michael Bay.

Bay is the master of his flashy craft and takes pride in putting the polish in the movies some people have grown to hate with a large passion. Much like Bay, Blezinski's finished products stand as technological set pieces for the time, but ultimately become dated when assimilated with something more complex.

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Demons Souls3108d ago

He has more than just a 360 so he's use to playing better games (especially on PS3). The thing is, the 360 really only gets a true exclusive about once every 5 months. It being yet another casual shooter makes that userbase flock to it even more. The 360 just doesn't have any games so to them this is special.

glennc3108d ago

^^^ fanboyism at it's finest

anubusgold3108d ago

You can say the same thing about uncharted and god of war series. As a PC gamer we got tired of every game that came out was stupid roller coaster ride is what game reviewers called it . It was set piece after set piece you got funneled here and there with really no freedom or control. Thats why everyone went nuts when GTA 3 came out you had freedom to do what you want when you wanted and everyone started to make clones.

All games do the same thing over and over again especially sequels . If the first game is a hit dont mess with it too much or you may break it . Ubisoft im looking at you lol. All of ubi's stuff has been dumb down for the masses and frankly i dont like the changes

He has a stick up his butt about gears and halos success. Maybe his favorite indy game studio crashed and burned because they cant sell games to the masses. I dont know but the movies that win the oscars every year are huge commercial flops the game industry is no different . Sometimes people just want to be entertained and thats what gears and halo have in spades.