How Much Are You Willing to Pay for DLC?

How much are you willing to pay for convenience in games? For some cute costumes or a few extra levels? Brandon from Bitmob examines his own threshold for buying downloadable content and wonders whether people should take a concerted stand against DLC.

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Myst3108d ago

I think the video answers the question.

Though on a more serious note it actually depends for me. Number one the game and how much I enjoy it enough to play it again [with the DLC], Number 2 which is to question how long the DLC actually is or how much variety it holds and I do believe it is the latter that most people look to before purchasing DLC for the most part. How much bang they could get for their buck and this is probably where the question rests.

In any event I'd say the maximum I'd be willing to spend is about 15.00. I say that only because I feel some companies would do quite a bang up job for that amount. Example - Monster Hunter on PS3 if there was a DLC for 15.00 more than likely it would include a few maps, and a variety of new boss monsters [let's say 3~5] with the amount of new maps being the same. Now we could further add upon that with weapons, and being that their are new monsters there would also be new armor. So all in all the first two pointed above are the main two things one would look to before purchasing.

P.S. Monster Hunter on my mind so Monster Hunter example :p.