Atelier Totori Debut Teaser

A new teaser for Gust's sequel to Atelier Rorona is finally here. The game is a sequel to Atelier Rorana featuring both Rorona and her new disciple Totori, the protagonist, as they search for Totori's mother. It's set to release on June 24 in Japan.

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chidori6663102d ago

the site of atelier have tons of pics and stuff people.

the graphics looks better than atelier rorona.

vhero3101d ago

who cares I mean Rorona is not even out outside Japan?

Chris3993101d ago

This was announced months ago.

Polluted3102d ago

Lol. With a name like Atelier Totori, how can this NOT sell millions?

sashimi3102d ago

Do want both Atelier games!

Redempteur3102d ago

i want some screens of either the first totori or the ar tonelico 3 in english please ( i am not asking for much am i ? )

Advari3102d ago

Bring Atelier Rorona to North America and I might care about the sequal to it. Still playing Altelier Iris 3

Xof3101d ago

They are. NIS America is publishing Atelier Rorona in the United States sometime this year. Rumored release is summer--July.

phalanx_mark3101d ago

wish they'd at least translate this so it would be worth importing