The Top 5 Oddities that will blow your mind

Front Line writes "There are certain points in a gamers life where they notice peculiar things, quirks that they shouldn't see, yet those fortunate enough spot them, have the potential to change everyone's outlook on gaming."

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Ziriux3197d ago

Ahh the good old nintendo 64.

TheGameLlama3197d ago

Koala > 64DD. That is all.

TheGameLlama3197d ago

But it was the only place to play SimCity 64! (Only in Japan, of course.) You're just jealous that YOU didn't have one. Can't deny it like those 3DO Zelda games. It happened. :D

OpenGL3197d ago

Those games were on the CDi.

I wish the N64DD had released in the U.S. as they're quite expensive and difficult to find due to the limited release.

N4BmpS3197d ago

Lol Koala 64 should have been it's real name. And when people asked they'd tell em "we made it look like a koala"

N4Flamers3197d ago

I kept telling everyone toad was evil, hate that jerk. To be honest I started hating him and his evil laugh in mario kart

Bubbly3197d ago

Stolen from the Internets.

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thedoctor3197d ago

This is bloody ridiculous.

Pierce Brosnan must have had some serious facial reconstructions since Goldeneye came out.

Timesplitter143197d ago

Look closely. That's just his hand holding the PP7

thedoctor3197d ago

NOWAI! I can't believe I didn't see that!! :O

skyblue142133196d ago

Actually it does look like a warped face but look a little closer and you will notice that it is just his fingers wrapped around the pp7.

DangerCurtis3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

Way to destroy my childhood. It's kind of like discovering a dildo on the box cover of the Little Mermaid. Thanks man, I officially hate you.


Yuenanimous3197d ago

*ehm* excuse me... what dildo?

Xi3197d ago

I got a golden dildo, I got a golden dildo in my hand...

Anorexorcist3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

The Minister got a little too excited for the event. That and the "Golden Dildo" on the film poster totally freaked me out when I was a kid. I kind of punched myself for not noticing it all and exposing it before everyone else found out.

BTW, who the hell honestly believed in Disney's ploy that that was simply the minister's knee???

dragunrising3197d ago

@ Anorexorcist

I will never look at ANY Disney film the same... :-p

GameOn3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

It's actually on the Little Mermaid Wikipedia page. lol.

fishd3197d ago


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Orange Juice3197d ago

I'm pretty sure thats his hand on the goldeneye case. The mario bushes and n64 koala are new to me however, I feel like I've learned something today on n4g.

Megaton3197d ago

It is his hand, holding the gun. Don't see how someone could have confused that for his mouth.

TheAwesomessMan3197d ago

Yeah I'm sure it's his hand as well. The Koala one kinda jumped out at me. Never knew about that one.

I think the Bioshock, Bomberman identity maybe just a coincidence, I don't know.

Sylo3197d ago

Of course its his hand. He was making a joke about it. Called sarcasm...

crazyturkey3197d ago

The Golden Eye Pic.

(in Case you can't see It)
His Hand holding the gun makes his mouth look bigger.

smoothdude3197d ago

It doesn't even look like his face, I don't know how the author thought that it was a protruded mouth.

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