Arkham Asylum 2 Will Feature Two-Face, Mr. Freeze, Talia al Ghul, "It's That Dark"

Kevin Conroy, one of the many voices of Batman, accidentally leaked a few details about the sequel to Arkham Asylum, and the future of this franchise sounds even darker.

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kratos1233106d ago

mr freeze please i want to see him in hd the thought alone gives my chills i cant wait fore 2 will be so epic

Xandet3105d ago

but I have a feeling a certain feline aficionado is gonna make her appearance as well.

Zydake3105d ago

I just want to hear Mark Hamil's voice <3

ASSASSYN 36o3105d ago

I like that arkham asylum showed mr. freeze cell. It was nice eye candy.

Bnet3433105d ago

Any wonder if Two-Face's pee pee is umm .. you know, half thinged?

BYE3105d ago

Looking forward to this game.

TheAwesomessMan3105d ago

Same here I can't wait 'til this drops and I also wanna see what two-face and Mr. Freeze will look like in hd.

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