Spice up your Splinter Cell experience with a free map

Add new weapons, skins and a Deniable Ops map to your Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Conviction experience. Each Thursday a new piece of downloadable content will be available for free, just check back here for those announcements. Plus, register now and come back on May 13th for your unique code to download the exclusive new Deniable Ops map "3rd Echelon".

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Defectiv3_Detectiv33106d ago

With all the delays this game has had, you're telling me they couldn't just put this one the disc? Only could the video game industry get away with such a shameless marketing ploy. I have a feeling the same suckers who pre order games (so they can deposit their money to the bank of gamestop) will be all over this one.

lindquist3106d ago

The game wasnt "delayed" like other games.
They had to start from almost scratch.

Im just happy its out and that it rocks! :D

Michael-Jackson3106d ago

There wasn't enough space on the last gen DVD9.

cmrbe3106d ago ShowReplies(4)
Halo3 MLG Pro3106d ago

Sweet. Just beat the game. I love the new direction. Best Splinter Cell to date. :)

T9X693106d ago

I'm really looking forward to this map because the 3rd Echelon HQ in the single player was one of the best levels because it felt more like the old ones. Sucks its got to be released so close to RDR :(

Bnet3433106d ago

*sigh* I think I'm going to pony up they cash for this game. Everytime I'm in a party chat with Kionic Warlord, he can't stop raving about how good the deniable ops is. It's rubbing off on me.

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