Will You Miss Video Game Manuals?

Andrew from MMOMFG writes: How would you feel if video game manuals, in their current hard-copy form, were to disappear? Would you miss them? I know I would.

Earlier today, one of the industry's biggest publishers announced plans to do away with the shiny paper manuals we've all come to know and some of us have come to love. Ubisoft, publisher of the Assassin's Creed, Prince of Persia, and Tom Clancy series' of games, is set to eliminate manuals from their PS3 and XBox 360 packaging in lieu of digital manuals available on the disc. The company calls it a green initiative. I call it a bit dissapointing.

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Pandamobile3105d ago

I buy almost all my games digitally, so no, I don't really care for manuals.

Julie3105d ago

Well i do like the manuals i love to read them and to look at the artwork :3

Some people like the manuals and some don't :I , and then again some game manuals are just blank , but some are really usefull , but if this is for a green world then welcome i guess :)

-Alpha3105d ago

Ha. What Art Work? They make you pay for that separately with a extra $10 fee while passing it off as a Collector's Edition these days.

I like manuals because I like buying my games physically, because I like to have a collection that I can look at.

LittleBigPlanet by far has the BEST manual that I have ever seen in a game. It has color *gasp!*, Lots of color *gasp!*, useful information *gasp!*, feels thick *gasp!*, and doesn't feel cheap *gasp!*

I remember drooling at scans before it was released. Must not have been too eco-friendly though...

Letros3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

Same here all my games are DD(though most come with a .pdf manual), most games are so dumbed-down today that you really don't need one. I think the last time I really paid attention to one was for Neverwinter Nights. I can see one being useful for Total War though.

Julie3105d ago

i mean i like the artwork for example from the MGS4 manual and FFXIII manual is pretty nice too :)

Mr_Bun3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

What am I supposed to read while I'm on the sh*tter?

Gun_Senshi3105d ago

we all know you download games digitally, not buying them :o

in a comment you said you didn't buy a game for over 2 years

Ares84PS33105d ago

Other than that don't support DD!! The future it holds won't be one to your liking!

Rumor3105d ago

no, not with all the great artwork in ps3 exclusives, like killzone 2, when i opened the box i got a chill down my spine when the helghast was glaring me down and saying..."you better put that bluray disk in"

iamgoatman3105d ago


If I remember correctly, Panda actually said he hasn't bought a RETAIL game in 2 years, and uses Steam for most of his game purchases.

IdleLeeSiuLung3105d ago

I like my manual because I like physical copy of stuff I buy.

In the name of green, all these companies are trying to cut cost.

It seems Ubisoft is getting really aggressive against customers, first DRM and now this.

BYE3105d ago

I won't miss sh*t, but publishers will miss my game purchase.

Setekh3105d ago

Even though I thoroughly disagree with Ubisofts DRM moves.
I agree with this initiative to do away with paper manuals. They are obsolete, almost every game I own that have paper manuals have at least a half dozen items that do not reflect what's in the final product.
This is because manuals are sent off for printing before the game is finished and sent off for publishing resulting in contradictions ending up in the manual because of certain features being altered or removed completely between the printing phase and the games release.

I can see how some people might see this is purely a profit motivated manoeuvre but it will mean less paper being used for something that less than half of gamers even look at let alone read through. It's much easier to stick the manual on the disk or as an extra downloadable file in .pdf form where you can see everything on your monitor and even zoom in if you need to, not to mention it's much easier for the developers to update the manual to reflect changes in the development cycle or even post launch where patches have added functionality or features, this makes it easier to understand for people buying the game later.

It's a good move as far as I'm concerned.

-Alpha3105d ago

Is it just me, or does K2's manual feel like it's been rubbed on sand?

It feels really different from all my other manuals, thin, but very nicely made too.

I dare anyone to find a better manual than LBP's.

Also, manuals are becoming obsolete because with patch updates and things of that nature games are always changing. I'd rather have a good manual than a half-assed one like most developers do these days.

captain-obvious3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

i wont buy any game with out its manual
if i paid 60$ for that thing i want to feel that i get my money's worth
i mean if they took the manual away it would feel cheap or used
or just like pirated games

if a games shipped without its manual
i wont buy it
or i'll buy it used

and yes i don't use them but i do take a quick look at them some times
but still having them in the package wouldn't feel right

AEtherbane3104d ago

Anyway, im all for this "going digital" its the right thing to do. Any reasonable initiative like this to go green has my support.

Lord Vader3104d ago

As much as I like the manuals, this makes sense. It is essentially a waste of paper & trees.

SinnedNogara3103d ago

I wouldn't miss them taht much either, but the thing I like is the artwork and the fact it adds a good weight to the box.

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DarkBlood3105d ago

im all for this not because i dont really use the manuals at all but i definitly just learn by playing the game and figuring out what button does what since the games introduction scene is flagged with control guides anyways

cayal3105d ago

Don't really use manuals, but I am all for environmentalsim.

BeaArthur3105d ago

Same here, I don't use manuals anymore. I may take a look at one if I buy the game an am not headed home right away to play it. Honestly if I can't figure something out I would use the internet.

truehunter3105d ago

Would u like to buy a car or ride on a bus ???

Realy if u are hard copy of the game disc then no problem ownning a car. Unless u like DD witch u can take a bus sence u dont need a car.

PirateThom3105d ago

Manuals are one of the reasons I like physical products. Sadly, a lot of publishers are really half-assing them now. Black and white print, only a few pages long.

Anyone seen the manual for Katamari Forever? That thing is awesome.

BYE3105d ago

Metal Gear Solid 4 and Top Spin 3 have great manuals, too.

Really thick, detailled and in color.