Why Mainstream Gaming Needs Super Street Fighter 4

Street Fighter is one of the best known and easily identifiable franchises in the gaming industry, let alone for fighting games. It holds history as one of the first major arcade fighting-game successes, has a main character about as identifiable as Mario or Master Chief, and boasts an absolutely terrible movie featuring Raul Julia (who was awesome). It's for all those reasons and more that Super Street Fighter 4 is a necessity for the gaming industry, let alone mainstream gamers.

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Sanrin4611d ago

I wish most of the games I played were given as good a treatment as SSF4 seems to be getting.

mephman4611d ago

I wonder if we'll see Super Street Fighter IV Turbo same time next year.

Selyah4611d ago

Well I for one am slightly surprised I mean I know the game was successful but I didn't think it warranted a sequel quite as quickly, did they really do much new with it?

presto7174611d ago (Edited 4611d ago )

I will definately be getting Super SFIV for sure. With all those new characters, stages, ultras, etc Hell Yeah!!!!

If they make Street fighter IV Turbo or Alpha or whatever next year with even more crazy stuff then I'll definately be getting that too.

Rose FTW!!

Army_of_Darkness4611d ago

dude, street fighter was always better than the tekken series! what do you mean just realized?! Lol!
anyways, I wasn't gonna pick SSF4 up, but since there's no other good fighting game out I might as well buy this upgraded version.

topdawg1224611d ago

@presto, glad you are coming to that realization. It really is wonderful once you get the lowdown on all the advanced techniques.
El fuerte ftw. Run, Stop, Fierce all day

RedPawn4611d ago

Adult Swim & Capcom hit Lawrence Kansas tonight, and I am much happier w/ Super 4. On that note can't fukn wait for KOF xiii something fierce.

boodybandit4611d ago

If it does I will buy it!

I am getting it for both the PS3 and the 360 so if anyone needs a practice partner hit me up. My N4G username is my GT and PSN ID.

Gamealot4611d ago

actually the virtua fighter series were very competitive at some point "last-gen". not so much this gen

vhero4611d ago

Street fighter gone downhill since SF2 no game after SF2 and its extra games even compare to it..

GameGambits4611d ago

Capcom is doing a huge fan service for people with SSF4.

1) It's only 40 bucks
2) Tons of new online modes AND an extra FREE DLC online mode in the works.
3) 10 new characters.
4) New colors, new ultra moves, more costumes, new moves, retweaking every character so to make the game even more balanced.
5) 40 BUCKS!

I'm sick of people getting pissy that they'd release another game a year+ later. I don't see those whiners around for a Halo game every year, or Madden, NHL, etc with nowhere NEAR the amount of 60 dollars worth of new content, yet they charge you 60 bucks anyway.

Other people complain it could have all been DLC...yeah well if it had been all DLC you probably would have ended up paying more, not everyone would have got all the DLC/characters so the game becomes unbalanced, etc. Ono already said this is the final iteration of Street Fighter Turbo planned. They are working on an Arcade release of the game where they might add some characters and if they do they will release them as DLC to SSF4. They reworked the game better this time with SSF4 to be easier to patch and add content if needed if fans ask for it.

Capcom's focus fighting game wise now is Marvel vs Capcom 3, yet ANOTHER fan service game.

If you aren't a fan of SF or Capcom, then why even comment or complain about something you have NO plans of playing? Go back to trolling a console war thread. :/

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Selyah4611d ago

Kinda interesting take on it.

Megaton4611d ago (Edited 4611d ago )

This series has always gotten too much of a free pass over the years, IMO. Flowchart Kens still doing the same moves from the same unbalanced move set from 20 years ago is not my idea of a good time, or something that deserves its legendary "God's gift to fighting games" status. I'm sure I'll get pummeled with disagrees for saying that, but whatever. It is what it is.

Guilty Gear > Street Fighter all day long.

Kioran4611d ago

Guilty Gear is definitely one of the best fighting games ever made.

Simon_Brezhnev4611d ago

yeah but right now blazblue the best fighter this generation. Since you are really telling the truth about SF a lot of die hard fans are going to give you disagrees.

Sanrin4611d ago

Blazblue isn't better, it's just easier for new players to get into it. The technical complexity and character variety make Guilty Gear a better series overall. Blazblue is like a Guilty Gear Light (sans caffeine).

Megaton4611d ago (Edited 4611d ago )

Agree that BlazBlue is the best fighter so far this gen. There's a certain group of friends I have that are totally die hard about fighting games. They're the kinda people I bust out my Dreamcast and CD book full of obscure fighting games for when they stop by. When we play Street Fighter it's like; "hey, wouldn't it be funny if we played Street Fighter"?

Very much like Halo in that sense. Its popularity greatly exceeds its quality.

BYE4611d ago

Yeah, BlazBlue must be the best, since all the major tournaments in the world adapted it and made it their main event ... not!

BlazBlue/Guilty Gear is a good game, but Street Fighter is number one in competitive fighting games.

El_Colombiano4611d ago

That doesn't make it the best.

Simon_Brezhnev4611d ago


By your logic i guess Avatar is the greatest movie of all time since it has become the top-grossing worldwide release of all time. Street Fighter is competitive but not on a blazblue/guilty gear level. At least in blazblue turtles get punished by a negative warning not in SF4.

topdawg1224611d ago

You really should learn how to punish those flowchart kens. If you play with good players, SF is technically superior to pretty much most fighting games. Yes Blazblue is good, but it really isn't as good as SFIV, nor will it be better than SSFIV. The Evolution fighting tournament's main event is always SF, and that is not due to it being more popular. It is because it really is the best fighting franchise.
Just because some of you guys don't know how to punish turtlers or flowchart Kens, doesn't mean the game sucks. Watch this game at a high level and you will see what you can do. Blazblue and guilty gear are definitely really good too though.

Dark General4611d ago

I wouldn't say Blazblue is the best fighting game this generation seeing as I have yet to play KoF12 (which I hear has a excellent fighting engine despite it's terrible netcode) and I haven't touched Tekken 6. I do like Blazblue though just because it's engine is so different and fluid, it reminds me of third strike in a few ways. It's definitely quite a damn good fighting game but best this gen? I don't know about that.

I wouldn't call SF4 the best this generation either but I'am looking forward to Super and I'm looking forward even more towards King of fighters 13/2010. I'm just glad we have quite a nice selection of fighting games to choose from in this day and age ruled by shooters.

BYE4611d ago (Edited 4611d ago )


Avatar is extremely popular, you could say it's the MW2 of movies. But that doesn't say anything about its quality.

Street Fighter on the other hand is widely accepted by professional players for its balanced, competitive gameplay, like CS 1.6 is in the FPS or Starcraft in the RTS genre. There's a difference.

RedPawn4611d ago (Edited 4611d ago )

All fighting games that came out last year where cool and could/will improve.

My opinion does not matter in this situation, for we play what we think is the best, when we should enjoy all.



Great Answer +1

Simon_Brezhnev4611d ago

blazblue is still the best fighter this generation. I cant believe you think SF4 is superior then blazblue in every way. Tatsunoko vs. Capcom is a lot better then SF4. I use to love SF4 until i played blazblue SF4 is just 2 slow. SF4 is not even fun anymore its way 2 many turtles no matter how you try to spin it. Thats why it needs an air block. Literally like 10 people have the same exact moves in SF4 with little variation.

Redempteur4611d ago

sorry if you think the same moves form the same character are the same thing , you should have bought third strike , or the numerous capcom fighters that they launched during that timeframme.

At least SF4 and SSF4 is a new look on SF , it was needed it's actually a very good game i'm not complaining ..but it's not like they aren't several other fighter out there already ( this gen )

blazblue, kof , street , soul calibur , tekken , virtua fighter ... they all launched this gen already so i think it's time already to make a choice ..

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Kratos Spartan4611d ago (Edited 4611d ago )

Don't want to argue with that statement, but I would bet more people have heard of Mortal Kombat than Street Fighter. Only because of the controversy that surrounded that title. I mean, it is the reason the ESRB was formed in the first place. That is a huge deal. Probably the biggest impact a game could ever claim. And Ryu or Ken, Guile, whoever, is nowhere near as identifiable as Mario. I will argue that all day long.

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