RuneScape Introduces Largest update In Its History

Hot on the heels of some pretty nice financial news for Jagex and comes some good news for RuneScape players: new content. Not just any new content, either. Jagex is calling the Dungeons of Daemonheim expansion the biggest update in RuneScape's history

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rezzah3502d ago

this is the same game where you mine for hours to make some armor peice. With the possibility of losing everything you got on you if you happen to die right?

If it is, the only fun thing about was being able to trick people into going into that wilderness part, or wasteland?, and killing them =)

mt3502d ago

i used to play it two years ago .
i got to level 32 then i got bored.
"this is the same game where you mine for hours to make some armor peice."
this could go with almost every MMORPG . and that is why i don't like them .

ZombieAutopsy3502d ago

last time i logged on they took out the wilderness and pretty much noob-a-fied everything even more

The_Beast3502d ago

i hope i still remeber the password

HolyOrangeCows3502d ago

I loved tricking noobs. I'd tell them that if they gave me their stuff, I could turn it into more powerful items because I was a wizard.

Then I would run, laugh, and sell their crap for 10 coins.

darkmurder3502d ago

ROFL scamming ppl on runescape made the game, Id say id sell them an account level 101 if they gave me their rune stuff, they did it and then I did the joyjump action and ran off bahaha never got banned.

BannedForNineYears3502d ago

Rofl, I used to play Runescape when I was like, 10.
I got to level 60, non-member.
I'm serious.
Edit: And the biggest Runescape update : Going "HD"... =|

Government Cheese3502d ago


I'm pretty sure from a technical standpoint, Runescape is probably the BEST Java game on the planet.

MagicAccent3502d ago

And now your're what? Eleven?
It's a JAVA game, and a pretty damn good looking one at that.

BannedForNineYears3502d ago

Good one. -_-
Anyway, you wanna see a technically impressive Java game? Look up Minecraft.
The infdev version is an infinite map....INFINITE! You can walk in one direction forever. :|

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f7897903502d ago

90% of the game is doing repeated tasks to level your character. Then you do a few quests and dungeons before going back to leveling your mining.

anonymouse1113353502d ago

I miss when runescape was fun, before they took out the wild and went communist with the in-game economy

used to be fun, I had a level 78 main quit after the wildy was took out, still log in occasionally to have fun chopping wood, and other fun skills, had 15Mil as well, those were good times, now it's just filled with little kids and a few people clinging on to what it once was, still login for the holiday events if I ever decide to start playing again, took it back up for about a week not too long ago and they have fixed it quite a bit since their new CEO plays the game as well, in which he probably realized they ruint their own game.