Roger Ebert Still Says Games Can Never Be Art, but Why Should I Care What He Thinks?

Broke My Controller Writes - Roger Ebert's longtime stance against "games as art" hasn't changed. Most gamers still see games as art, and Roger Ebert still sees them as something more in line with competitive sport. Just a few days ago the film critic decided to stir the pot again in a recent blog post. Ebert again said that videogames cannot be art and again, the videogame defense squad swooped in to the rescue...

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morganfell3108d ago

Actually he isn't saying it...more like typing it.

Noctis Aftermath3107d ago

At this stage i don't think you could call games art either, but i wouldn't let a movie critic decide if games can be art or not when chances are he's doesn't even play them.

r0s3b0wl233107d ago

Forgive Mr. Ebert, he obviously hasn't played Uncharted 2.

LordMarius3107d ago

.........Who gives a [BEEP]?

Bathyj3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

Whatever. Tell that to the 100's of artist that make them. I really hate people who dont actually create anything themselves, sitting back and judging on high like a pretencious twat, without ever putting themselves out there to be judged.

Besides, I dont care what this guy thinks about movies, why should I care what he thinks about games.

2 thumbs, up his arse.

HolyOrangeCows3107d ago

A guy who has probably never played a game in his life doesn't think they can be art. Good for him?

BldyShdw3107d ago

This is like asking a vegetarian what is the best burger at mcdonald's. They wouldn't know, nor would this guy about VG's being art.

Chubear3107d ago

I've never understood why gamers care about people "critics" like these when they say stuff like this. I mean it's Roger Ebert, have you seen the art in the movies he's directed or assisted in producing? They're all crap and it never ceases to amaze me how people hang you his words on movies but hey, that's reviews for ya.

If you can't see that VGs are art then you simply don't know what art is no matter how many "art galleries" you may own or manage. You'd be surprised how little a lot of these up turned nosed arty farties know about ACTUAL art.

Bottomline, gamers really shouldn't give the time of day to these kinds of people. To them, VGs are all pong or mario 1 from 1986.

INehalemEXI3107d ago

Opinions are like ********. Everyone has one, this one stank.

SullyDrake3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

Saying video games aren't are is exactly the same as saying every human is the same. There is no argument, there is only fact, and on the side there are the stubborn, close-minded idiots of old like Ebert here.

The beauty of art is that it can be anything. Music, video games, film, visual art, food, nature, even the human body - everything is art. Art is emotion. Art is something that gives you an experience. Basically, art gives.

Ebert's moronic statements are giving me a headache, and that as an exception is not art.

Darkstorn3107d ago

Ebert should stick to films. He's a great movie reviewer, but he can't seem to get his mind around video games.

N4BmpS3107d ago

Music, movies, video games, poetry and from time to time novelization all have one thing in common, they can be interpreted in many different ways. Sure video games, to a lesser degree; it doesn't have to be interpreted in many ways, most of the time it's very straight forward. However, the same can be said about music, movies and the others not everyone is going to say Shakespeare is an artsy writer some people will think it's meaningless. Not everyone is going to like Hip-hop music or the Beatles, they'll think they're overrated. It's basically how you look at these things, it's all about opinion. But I don't give a F#^( I have a PS3 I love the games I have I love the Graphics of them too(hmmm Graphic arts isn't art?). So whatever.

ShadowJetX3107d ago

Why do people take him so seriously for anyway? I mean I just heard of the guy yesterday because of the earlier stories. I mean it's like everyone's been sayin, the guy has never played a game before so his opinion means jack all. And besides, look how square the guy's face is. How could you possible take him seriously!?

morganfell3107d ago

Remember, this is a guy that criticizes movies, all aspects, for a living yet he wrote the screen play for Valley of the Dolls. What a joke...

Hill_billy3107d ago

Games that I would say are more artful than others and the others I would describe as "popcorn" games. Games that let you sit back and enjoy the fun without any true emotional attachments. Same thing with movies. There are some that are artful that grab you and pull you into the story and leave you with wanting more. Others, they simply are there for sheer entertainment and they are the movies you watch once or twice and never go back to. In the end, this guy knows only one media as that is what his job has been for decades. Don't hate him for being narrow-minded, simply learn from his mistake and become more open to the reality that games can in fact be as artful as movies, but not all movies and games are real art.

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mikepmcc3107d ago

It's just a dying generation that will never understand the things that they didn't grow up with, just like how the people before them didn't understand rock 'n roll as an art form, and the people before them movies.

CountDracula3107d ago

Because he's the man with the plan and a jaw of steel!

CountDracula3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

Because he's a cancer survivor with some great writing skills!

clarkdef3107d ago

He is insulting the artists that went through years of training, to get the title "game art director" or such. What stupid old fool. But old people are always stubbon, my dads terrible too haha he's about 62.

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