The Obsession with Screenshot Comparisons

RespawnAction: " The console war has become more obvious and apparent in this generation of consoles more than any other gen prior. Sure, there were those who took sides in the PS2/Xbox/Gamecube era, but back then it wasn't as big a deal. In some ways, it was more entertaining back then to 'take sides' as opposed to now where people really mean what they say and would probably die for their console of choice. The one type of fuel that has been driving this console war recently are the, what I find anyway, annoying screenshot comparisons. If you are even remotely interested in gaming then there is no doubt that you have seen these posts on the internet."

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CoffeewithChess3493d ago

I agree with this topic.
It doesn't matter if a game looks great, if a game plays like tornadoes in Alaska wreaking havoc, the graphics won't matter.

Every other site, please go and read this.

respawnaction3493d ago

well thanks for the support CWG. Like stated, it wasn't pointing to any one site, but it has been a rising epidemic as of late.

kaveti66163493d ago

I agree with mostly everything in the article. The console fanboys will use the screenshot comparisons as fuel against each other, but more sensible gamers might actually appreciate the comparison because they might have both HD consoles and want to know which one is, if even by a little bit, the better version so they can spend the money on that particular version.

The major fanboys tend to be the single console owners, but in my day I've run into many multi-console fanboys who bash a console that they do own maybe because they have had bad experiences with it (buyer's remorse) and are now trying to distance themselves from what they perceive to be a poor decision. It's all about consumer purchases and the insecurity of the consumer. If a fanboy pays 500 bucks for a console and finds out that the game he was looking forward to performs and/or looks better on the console he didn't buy, then he's going to feel like crap, and the fanboys of the other console are going to rub it in his face. So, next time around, when another game performs better on his console, he's going to act like a douche and do the same thing to the other fanboys.

But I have to read that crap. Other gamers who don't even want to be involved in this stupid dispute but still want to converse on this site get sucked into the debate. Then I also find my self defending my console purchases to ignorant fanboys who will say anything to make the console seem like crap, even though I don't really care.

I just want to play games, and talk about my experiences with games, regardless of the console it's on. I don't want to hear fanboys from the 360 bashing God of War 3 even though they haven't played it and are only trying to make themselves feel better about not being able to play it, and likewise I don't want to hear fanboys from the PS3 bashing Alan Wake just because they can't play it or whatever.

Pixel-counting, and resolution measuring needs to f*cking stop. Nobody cares about the story anymore, the experience, the gameplay. Remedy put 5 years into Alan Wake and people should want it to be a great game. Polyphony Digital put 5 years into GT5 and EVERYONE should want it to be a masterpiece.

Kratos Spartan3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

you could have left it at your first paragraph. No need for that huge text. You know this site, N4G. This whole site is nothing BUT fuel for the fanboys. It simply couldn't exist without them. The only reason I come here so much is for the entertainment. I have never seen so many ridiculous "articles" about nothing. I get my real gaming news from GI or the official Playstation site, since I only own the PS3 currently. It's just good fun.

Oh and take this bubble, I took it earlier from one of those fanboys. Enjoy it, cuz they sure didn't appreciate it.

Brklynty13493d ago

Why must you be such a graphical beast! XD

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3493d ago
anonymouse1113353493d ago

I agree with this entire article, I miss the PS2/GC/Xbox, the xbox didn't have much but halo and fable, the PS2 had most of the games I played, and the Gamecube had great titles from people as well, capcom, nintendo, sega were all pretty active devs that made great games for it, now we have all the hate of "casual" gamers and the wii which is a fun platform despite none of these "hardcore" gamers wanting to admit it. The PS3 and 360 provide a similar experience to each other, if someone recommended me what console to get I'd ask them what exclusives they want and recommend them from there, they're prettymuch the same thing but the PS3 has better graphics, blu-ray, and free online play, if they don't want any exclusives I'd tell them to go with the PS3 personally, since blu-ray is taking over DVD more and more, and free online play, each is good in its own right, lastly I find the wii to be more for people who play with friends irl, the 360 for people who play online, and the PS3 for people who like to play by themselves.

respawnaction3493d ago

Thanks for the positive feedback guys!

ForROME3493d ago

Bull$hit, this gen is much more about graphics for 2 reasons,

A it cost more to invest in these systems therefore pride goes up
B I bet more people own multiple consoles this gen and do need to decide platform choices

I personally like comparisons why not, they dont take away from anything, if anything it puts heat on devs to get thie $hit right

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