Analysts Skeptical of Xbox 360 Price Drop

Despite repeated denials from Microsoft, an Asian tech business website states that sources at Taiwanese Xbox 360 component suppliers know of a $100 price drop this fall; two lead analysts tell Next-Gen, "not likely," and explain why.

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TheXgamerLive5402d ago

Microsoft say's (the official XBOX 360 company) that there "NOT" lowering the XBOX 360's price and have repeatedly said this and truthfully have "NO" reason too do this, so............why the hell do a make believe story trying to say the opposite. Lame very lame.

ACE5402d ago

well look at it this way if word got out 360 WILL have a price cut this holiday or november ...

people would just wait till then ,, it make perfect good bussness sence to keep tight lipped over it ...

any way if true then it would be a steal at only $300 compared to $600 ps3 , god dam thats like half the price ..

for better quality graphics and games on the 360 ,,, cool!!!!

DJ5402d ago

Microsoft is very intent on making a profit as quickly as possible; their design decisions in the 360 console already reflect that. If they do drop the price by $100, their console will look even more inferior to Sony's PS3 considering the quality of the features consumers are getting for $500-600. Gamecube already experienced this; when its price was slashed to $99 (same price as the Gameboy SP at the time) sales for the console fell dramatically. If Microsoft even expects a fighting chance, they need to keep their price at $400.

Just look at Dreamcast. While its 2nd-gen titles looked better than PS2's launch titles, consumers instead opted for PS2, which was 50% more expensive. Why? It had features that the Dreamcast didn't have, such as a next-gen media player, and was touted by both Sony and its developers as being significantly more powerful (their excuse was that the power was hard to get at, which was true).

ACE5402d ago

ur getting a waterd down / over hyped CELL CPU/RXS AND THE BLUE RAY DRIVE FOR $600 NO THANKS

ms will drop the price by $100 and sell the hd-dvd drive along side it , makes sence , even then it will be like $100 cheaper....

slugg5402d ago

Absolutely doesn't need to lower the 360's price for it to decimate the PS3 this holiday. PS3's, even if they do ship on time and Sony can meet their production forcasts (which I think is unlikely) will be hard to find this year, for any price. So Johnny Gamer walks into Gamestop, sees a Gears of War demo playing on the 360 demo unit, finds out that there are no $600.00 PS3's to be had, but that he can get a 360 AND that amazing game running in the window for $460.00. SOLD. Microsoft will only lower the price when: 1. PS3's are widely available (and selling-- if they are widely available and just sitting on the shelf, which could happen, that's a whole different story) and 2. They have reduced production costs enough to break even on hardware even WITH a price drop. I also think the first drop will only be $50.00, and at the same time, M$ will offer a larger hard drive option.

shotty5402d ago

No price drop but I do see a PGR3 bundle happening. Trust me Microsoft head guys said they better break even by June 2007. If they keep the current pricing they will.

TheXgamerLive5402d ago

If anything occurs at all, anything, it will be the inclusion of the HD-DVD drive instead of the standard DVD, but I think this will be a mid summer 07 thing and not pre xmas. Just a thought.

Oh yea, sony sucks"))

Marriot VP5402d ago

no way, come on they'd never put a HD drive in a 360 as a seperate bundle. That goes against their whole vision. CHOICE, is the key with microsoft. Not sony declaring when the consumer is ready. Which consumers won't be ready for another 3 years.