Sony PS3 Move demo, plus Q&A Zipper's SOCOM 4

Here's a video from Sony's event in Seattle showcasing the PlayStation 3 Move system and SOCOM 4, followed by today's column - a Q&A with Brian Soderberg, president of SOCOM developer Zipper Interactive.

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Blaze9293494d ago

wow I thought the face buttons were a bit bigger. seems tiny

Rainstorm813494d ago

And if they were a bit bigger you wouldve said the face buttons are HUGE!!!

Just say you dont like move and continue on,

Gamealot3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

one thing is that they took "nintendos" idea and are trying to make it better, now hear me out, i'm very pro-sony, and one of the things i like about sony is that they come up with awesome ideas of their own, like for example the eye-toy. but this "MOVE" is very similar to the "wii-mote" and although it is better, it is still very similar.
the second problem i have is that alot of resources are beign use to create games for it. not only money wise but also man hours developing games that will satisfy the casual crowd. i think i would rather see that money spent on making great blockbuster games, like UNCHARTED2, GOW3, KILLZONE2, MGS4, etc
Now i guess my last problem with it is price. call me cheap if u want but i think i would rather save that money to purchased games for my ps3. you see, the Wii came with the wii-mote & a nunchuck for only $249. if a casual person wants to get the move, he will have to spend $299 for the system alone and then about $80 more for the "move", then another $20 for an HDMI, oh yeah and don't forget $50 for the eye-toy. that's a whooping $450 before tax,........ hell before you even buy a game. in this economy, you are either unemployed or you know someone very close to you that it has been.
please don't think of me as a hater. i love my PS3 (PSN: X3MEKILLA), had it since launch with 0 problems. i also have a Wii that i haven't even use for a long, long time. the thing is that i really don't like idea of the "move"....... i wish them luck thoug

Bigpappy3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

It will work with FPS. The question is: will it be preferred over DS3. With cover systems and stop and pop work as well? If it works better than DS3, it could bring some 360 hard core over to having both consoles, and that will mean more sales for Sony and a better attach rate. If it does not then they still need to bring in those casuals. I think at this point the casuals are the market Sony mostly needs. E3 will clear up a lot of questions around the motion war. Fanboys throwing insults at each other should keep us entertained until then.

Blaze9293494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

What the hell? I just said they're in the world does that translate to I don't like MOVE? I'm actually excited to play The Fight: Lights Out.

The buttons are tiny then they are tiny and I thought they were bigger. Plain and simple.

Chubear3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

Nah, I don't think THAT'S the question.

Move isn't meant to compete with or replace the DS3. It is meant to be a device that can ease non-traditional "hardcore" gamers into traditional hard core games (and also casual style gaming without a control pad) if they choose and also as a fun alternative for traditional hardcore gamers.

Traditional gamers are not interested in replacing the traditional control pad but rather would welcome alternatives to enhance & vary their gaming experience ONLY if done properly.

I think the real question is, can/will the MOVE work properly for a wide variety of gaming groups and be fun and I think I certainly has accomplished that in my view.

AridSpider3494d ago

dunno why Blaze is receiving such a hard time - those buttons are indeed small as hell.

JackBNimble3494d ago

1)You seem to forget that the ps3 already has a 34mil user install base.

2)Anyone looking to purchase any console (with a HDD) is going to have to fork out some coin.

seifer0853494d ago

ps3 articles that's why.

claterz3494d ago

Those buttons are kinda small lol, shouldn't matter though because they're all far apart from eachother, so you won't be pressing the wrong buttons by accident :)
----------------------------- ------------------------------- ---
00:39 Playstation cushions!! I'm so jealous =(

AKS3494d ago

LOL at these bizarre price analyses. You "have to" spend $450 to use this with your friends? I have the Eye camera already. I'm buying one controller, which I'm estimating will probably cost $50 to $60 without the camera. I may eventually buy one more Move controller to play a game with friends. Any more than that and I'm going to expect other people to bring their own controllers.


DS3 isn't going anywhere. No dev is being forced to support move.

Even on the motion side of things, DS3 can remain alive, as devs still can use DS3 + Camera on PS3 (which will be more widespread on the base after move). Also DS3 can still be used as a NavCon (so just don't trow away your DS3 yet, who knows how much a NavCon is going to cost).

That said, the gamepad system shall remain the control of choice for most estabilished franchises from Sony.

Sony have a lot of first party studios that aren't doing anything we know of right now. Don't be surprised if Sony used this great support capacity to keep both controls/crowd well served, and still having their wallets crying (2010 is the third year in a roll that my backlog is getting backlogged, and that is while some major studios have yet to reveal or release any games this gen).

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

Saying Move is a copy from Wii, is just Ignorance.

Better take a research.

Hideo_Kojima3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

The pricing is wrong.

PS3 $299 already includes a game in most stores.
PS3 Move + Camera + Another Game = $99

So you could be playing on Move + Have all the other high tech features of the PS3 for just $400 with 2 games.

Not $450 with no games like you said.

Also you can be sure that the PS3 Slim will come bundled with the Move and Eyetoy and the price will be even lower on those bundles maybe even $350.

A $100 difference between the too is very reasonable for the graphical advantages. To anyone who knows what they are buying it is stupid to get the Wii unless your after a certain Wii exclusive.


To the people saying they hope Sony spent money on something else...
Move just like with Natal will sell like hot cakes and make both companies a profit. By taking money from casual gamers they can make more games for you/us hardcore gamers.

Meryl3494d ago

^^ lol, they are going to a special all in one package(ps3 + motion control) my guess is they will make it cheaper then what you just put up there, I am guessing $350

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LordMarius3495d ago

PS Move will be the best out of the 3, you cant deny that

Harcore + Casual = Win

frankymv3495d ago

Was this a press only super duper secret event?

MastermindPS3603494d ago

Show some footage of Knitting Grandmas 3!!!!!!!!!!!

j/k lol

i wanna play demon souls with this beast

BrutallyBlunt3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

How come nobody asked about competing with dualshock players?

I think this is going to be a problem. Sony wants to play it safe by adding this functionality to their games, which in turn will create a two-tiered system. Kind of like playing with keyboard and mouse players. The guy said in the video that the Playstation Move is more accurate so it seems to me dualshock gamers will be at a disadvantage.

I expect the first year or two to be like this until the Playstation Move is in a lot of homes before they make a big budgeted game that revolves around the Move controller. Instead of it being merely an option.

MastermindPS3603494d ago

yeah socom 4 is a big budget game.

Sony has to be careful here with prices...they already missed up with the psp go for $250..

For instance that fighter game with the move controller.....requires 2 move controllers and the camera ..just to play the other part of the controller for the other games (....unless the Move controller and nunchuck are bundled together....and not sold like the wii controllers)

I am very interested to see the pricing strategy and how these controllers will be sold. I don't have a PS eye for i have never had a reason to until now.

thehitman3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

no difference between a keyboard and mouse player and a dualshock player I think UT3 made evidence of that. Its all about preference and how well you can use your controls. However Move seems like the bridge between both worlds and if its really more accurate then it could really spark a revelation in how shooters are played especially in the hardcore market where people are always looking for ways to get the upper-hand with best precision.

AKS3494d ago

It seems likley that the average PS3 user is going to assume that analog sticks are going to be more accurate until Move is released, then they will start getting owned badly by Move just as they would with mouse and keyboard. The first hardcore shooter in which Move is really well implemented (could be SOCOM 4) is going to change a lot of perceptions about this device. Unreal Tournament III had an option to filter out mouse and keyboard users in games for this reason; other games will probably require the same sort of thing.

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