IGN: Nintendo Voice Chat Podcast, Episode 73

IGN talks about:
- How awesome Cloud Mario looks
- Whether Conduit 2 will actually be good this time.
- The hottest Pokemon
- And some bands you've probably never heard of.

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tunaks13107d ago

after the last one Im gonna make a bet and say this will also be [email protected]
what happend NVC you used to be awesome

hatchimatchi3107d ago

daemon is sitting in for craig so expect it to be a bit different.

on a side note,

I like craig being in charge of the nintendo team but the other 2 guys, can't remember their names, they're always joking around and getting off subject, etc. It's really annoying considering that they aren't funny in the slightest. They come off as just loud & annoying.

tunaks13107d ago

yeah I ended up listening to it and it wasn't too bad.
The guy who answered the question about zelda didn't really know what he was talking about, he said Miyamoto doesn't want to use WM+ for zelda???
The guys said that it would be impractical and the only think they could use it for was gliding??? Big WTF on their part for spreading false info, but all in all it wasn't too bad.