GameTrailers: Monster Hunter Tri Review

Can the Wii breathe new life into the Hunt?

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Myst3103d ago

30 hours for single-player? I don't know about that honestly...:/ but I guess we shall see tomorrow. Either I agree other developers should look into how the online portion has been done, as well as the depth of the game [game-play, visuals, etc.]

All in all great game for the Wii and pretty good score :]. Nicely done Capcom.

Method3103d ago

A great deal of it is padded with grinding/farming so yeah 30 hours of gameplay minimum is very realistic.

Myst3103d ago

Though that is still game play and it's been in all of the Monster Hunters. Especially with low drop rates [example Rathalos Ruby was 1% or so back in the PSP version.] making the game a bit longer especially for those who want 'everything'

Demons Souls3103d ago

I guess they should've sticked to the PSP.

Neo Nugget3103d ago

How is an 8.4 an ouch? An 8.4 is pretty great if you ask me.

Mahr3103d ago

For comparison's sake, this is what Gametrailers rated the PSP Monster Hunters.

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite- 8.1
Monster Hunter Freedom 2- 7.6
Monster Hunter Freedom- 4.8

rezzah3102d ago

Notice how the score increases as the series gains popularity. Wonder if they ever reveiewed the original MH on the PS2.

All games are basically the same, which is why there is no reason to hate any sequel unless you just don't like MH at all.

Mahr3102d ago

"Wonder if they ever reveiewed the original MH on the PS2."

They didn't, although the long and short of the Freedom Review was 'It should have stayed on the PS2'.

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MAG_SVER3103d ago

The W!!'s Graphics are just as good as the 360 if not better for some games, & this game proves it.


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The story is too old to be commented.