Gamer Limit Review: Mount & Blade: Warband

Gamer Limit writes "With almost endless options and unlimited re-playability, you will definitely get your $30 worth."

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Jorrel563101d ago

Having just got a new PC I'll have to check this one out. Great review.

GrahameG3101d ago

I absolutely loved strategy games back in the day. If I had more time to invest I'd certainly pick this up.

thedoctor3101d ago

These games look so very good. Really need to get a decent PC.

Yuenanimous3101d ago

To be honest you don't even need that good of a PC. You can download a demo and see if your comp can run it.

TheDarkCynic3101d ago

It looks like Total War. And I love me some Total War!

DangerCurtis3101d ago

Completely agree. It really does remind me of a Total War game, and those are FUN!

StartWars3101d ago

I hope they release a Star wars mod for Warband.