GamesRadar: 3D Dot Game Heroes Review

Though 3D Dot Game Heroes is a fun game on its own, it's impossible to divorce it from the games it parodies. Your overall enjoyment will depend on whether you're in on the joke or not. But if you do "get it," then it's the perfect game for the nostalgic fan looking for another taste of their childhood while getting a few good laughs at the same time.

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eggbert4909d ago

I've only seen 2 scores lower than 8 so far.

Not bad for $40, i'll be picking up this and SSFIV.


These PS3 Games are Going to get Really Expensive

Could you get rich by investing in PS3 games? Almost definitely not. Can you make a few bucks by flipping PS3 games over the years? Yeah, sure! It wouldn’t even be that difficult. But let’s face it: Once these games are in your collection, you’re probably keeping them forever.

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CDbiggen749d ago

There's a reason I didn't buy most of these when they came out.

MadLad748d ago

After a game's multiple generations old, and can't be had new at a reasonable price, that's when I see nothing wrong with emulation.

What's the point of paying someone scalper prices when the dev/publisher isn't even benefiting from it?

mkis007748d ago

Emulation doesn't stop a games physical box from becoming collectible.

Knightofelemia748d ago

I paid $30 for SH Downpour on PS3 now it's around $70-$85 Canadian Lolipop Chainsaw I paid $15 and it has really gone up in price. I wonder if Transformers War and Fall of Cybertron will go up in price two of the best Transformers games every made.

neutralgamer1992748d ago

In 5 years time all those games will be worth at least $150 to $200 that you listed

748d ago
neutralgamer1992748d ago

Ever since Sony announced that they would shut down PS3 store these prices have skyrocketed and even though Sony backtracked now most gamers realize that it's a matter of time before the PlayStation 3 store is shut down. If you want these games get them while you can even if digital because once that story shut down the physical prices will just go crazy high we saw that already

And many of these games did not sell like crazy amounts so they are limited number of copies available for sale at any given time

MadLad748d ago

Folklore is a game I've always really wanted to play, but I got a PS3 late in the generation, and it was already really expensive to find, being it didn't exactly sell well, therefore was already kind of a collector's item.

Kept hoping I'd find a cheap copy randomly at stores and flea markets, but never happened.

franwex748d ago

I got mine for $5 at Walmart like 10 years ago. I have yet to play it.

neutralgamer1992748d ago

It was available at GameStop for a while for under $20. Don't know har happened but GameStop started to sell their used games based on ebay prices it seems

You can still find it for around $60-70 and which in my opinion is a good price for a game that will be worth double if not triple that in next 5 years

Mr Logic748d ago

Have you considered modding your PS3? Neither Sony or the dev would be getting money from that Folklore purchase. Kind of a victimless crime at that point.

MadLad748d ago (Edited 748d ago )


Honestly, I just want to actually give the experience a try. I'm not someone who would buy it at a premium just to potentially rip someone off down the road.
I mean, there are collectors out there and if paying a couple hundred dollars is worth it to them then more power to them, but I'm not one to be on either end of that exchange.

I know it's taboo, but I might dig in and see the state of PS3 emulation on PC. I have a good PC, so it might be able to power through the often times poor performance, being PS3 is known to be hard to emulate.

I've never emulated anything past the PS2/Dreamcast but, as I said in my first post, I don't see anything wrong with emulation if the game you want to play can only be had used, with no money going to the creators.

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PS3 Prices are now Crashing (Time to Buy! )

It's been a roller coaster on the PS3 front. Prices went absolutely insane a few weeks ago, but with the PS3/Vita stores staying open for now, prices have plummeted back to earth. This article breaks it down, complete with buying suggestions and current prices.

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Jiub878d ago

You mean I don't have to buy Puppeteer for $140?!

neutralgamer1992878d ago (Edited 878d ago )

Yes you don't have to pay that but if you want one you will definitely pay over $75+

headline says PS3 games prices crashing down but those prices are still way above MSRP and in the $70-80 range. These prices in my opinion will never come down to where they were before sony announced they were shutting down PSN for ps3/vita. Because before that announcement you could have bought most of these games for under $40 (even less) and now they are $70 plus

Here's my suggestion a lot of these games did not sell well for example splatterhouse, 3d dot hero, lollipop chainsaw and puppeteer just to name few so it's all supply and demand. Because these didn't set sales records there Are less copies in the 2nd hand market. I do believe this in only 5 years time ps3 game prices will be to a point where most won't or can't buy them besides collectors

If you're looking to grab yourself a copy now is the best time or wait a few weeks as soon as prices come down a bit more buy them don't wait

isarai878d ago

So glad i have a feel for games that will jump in price, i really only grab games i want to play, but i can tell when it's a games that will not only be hard to find, but expensive in the future. Grabbed puppeteer for $7 like a year ago from gamestop. And the Metal Gear Legacy collection for $12 and got 3d dot game heroes free(b3g1) was quite the grab and all 3 were on my list.

Profchaos878d ago

I think you're right and done of the lesser known games will be harder and more expensive to find in the flipside you could probably continue to buy GTA IV and cod for a few dollars for the next 10 years.

neutralgamer1992878d ago (Edited 878d ago )


If you look at the call of duty games on PlayStation 3 they hold their value quite well some of them are actually quite expensive if you want the original case with the game manual and a good disc


Me too I bought a lot of PlayStation 3 games over time I have over 200 of them I can't imagine if I want to buy all of them and now it would cost double if not triple what I paid overtime

MetalProxy878d ago

Holy crap I have a copy of puppeteer still sealed 🤯. Paid very little during clearance because nobody cared. Had no idea it would increase that much... lol

Eidolon878d ago

Got with PS+, great value!