Meodia: God of War III Review

Arthur I. writes: Violence in videogames has always been around. From the days of Mario, it has been welcomed into this industry with open arms. However, no game has used "violence" to the fullest like God of War 3. Kratos returns to Sony's console, the PS3, with a vengeance and a quest for blood.

Upon starting up God of War 3, the first thing that really gets to you is the amazing presentation. The introduction and the simple but still stylish menu layouts are impressive. The Greek mythology theme can be seen everywhere. The loading screens, the options, and even the music. The game's fixed camera can be seen as a problem on paper but it's always in the right places and will never leave a blind spot. A friend once asked what separates God of War from other games in the genre, and the obvious answer was the effort Santa Monica put into the series to keep you immersed and entertained.

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