Batman: Arkham Asylum 2 Will Be 'Really Dark'

It seems Batman: Arkham Asylum 2 is somehow going to be even darker than the first game.

According to a report from, famed Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy, who recently provided vocals for Batman: Arkham Asylum, discussed new details about the upcoming sequel from Rocksteady Studios.

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-Alpha3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

Potential GOTY, the first one last year one on a few places.

Also, I find it funny how fanboys ragged on God of War 3 and Splinter Cell for being short, yet nobody had anything to say for Arkham Asylum's length. Guess it only matters when they are exclusive, eh?

N4BmpS3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

Yeah it [AA2] has a better shot at GOTY and deserving it. I don't know why people talked about GoW3 being short either, I clocked out of the game at 13+hrs. I haven't played Arkham yet but I'm going to.

captain-obvious3500d ago

i love the first one
but hated the final Boss fight
i mean C'omon it was sooooo easy and kinda stupid
i mean why in hell would joker start posing for a camera on some helicopter when he is fighting with his arch nemesis ??

Brklynty13500d ago

I just hope the whole batman crew is here, no batgirl since this takes place after joker shot her, but bring Nightwing and Robin(not Grayson, he's nightwing now) and I'm sold. Also up the bosses and make it like a sandbox game, I'd love to travel through gotham. Bring baddies like Two Face, Mr. Freeze, Clayface and of course Joker. Can't wait.

ReservoirDog3163500d ago

AA is one of the few games I got the platinum trophy for. It was great on many many different levels.

Can't wait for 2.

solar3500d ago

make it "Spawn on HBO" dark. that would rock.

Inside_out3500d ago

The scarier, the better...

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Lucreto3501d ago

Loved the first one and I can't wait for this one. E3 is too far away.

Myst3500d ago

Oh I can't wait to play this one. Really liked Arkham Asylum ( especially Scare crow's parts - liked the last part the best with the 'malfunction' ). Hopefully there will be more things just like that!

alettyo3500d ago

The malfunction part really had me scared for a second. i though my console died lol. It was clever, scarecrow playing on the fears of the player. Very clever.

LordMarius3500d ago

the scarecrow parts were the best ones, I love that laugh he makes

LordMarius3500d ago

needs multiplayer or no GOTY

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The story is too old to be commented.