Monster Hunter 3 and Red Steel 2: Sales Comparisons shows Monster Hunter 3 and Red Steel 2 sales comparisons.

Based off the datd, CwG says, "I think Monster Hunter 3 will outperform Red Steel 2, 2:1 for the first month sales performance when we see the NPD data for April.
Red Steel 2 was confirmed to have sold about 50,000 units in March, according to the NPD data.
I think Monster Hunter 3 will cross 100,000 units its first month."

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CoffeewithChess3105d ago

Anybody buying MH3 tomorrow?

SpoonyRedMage3105d ago

European so no. Friday for me!

Myst3105d ago

Personally not buying, but will be picking it up :]. Had it pre-ordered since like last year I think so..:p

Brian52473105d ago

Put it on PS3 and you have my $$, Capcom.

CoffeewithChess3105d ago

Directly from the guidelines:
"Word to Webmasters and Bloggers
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CoffeewithChess3103d ago

I don't know if you were planning on going to the launch event, I just saw two of the developers had to cancel their trip for it, because of the volcano.

So, did you have it pre-ordered for yourself, or for a friend?

Myst3103d ago

Nah there was nothing planned in my neck of the woods, and it was pre-ordered for myself.