All of the iPad Criticisms Are Exaclty What Make the iPad Great

Associatedcontent: There were many factors influencing me not to buy an Apple iPad. It is really just a "big iPod Touch", it is a first generation Apple product, it offers redundant features of many of my other devices, and there was no "killer app" for the device that made me have to have it. Interestingly, it is this same list of anti-iPad arguments that inspired me to buy the iPad.

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mushroomwig3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

It's funny how many people will blindly defend and support Apple and their products.

Tell me, how exactly can a product that lacks basic features such as Flash, USB Ports, A webcam, Card readers, multi-tasking and Video-Out can possibly be great?

Trying to defend a product that's technologically outdated by over 5 years just becuse it has the Apple logo is silly.

Kyur4ThePain3501d ago

The market that Apple is going aft are not the type of consumer who will care door flash, USB, webcam

anonymouse1113353501d ago

Apple fanboys are the worst fanboys imo.

@above they don't even know what that is, as do most apple users, I could ask most people I know what flash is and they can't tell me despite having it so they can play flash content, enjoy your hampered web browsing experience.

This guy basically admitted what was wrong with it, he admitted to it being a huge glorified iPod/iPhone, it has no killer apps, it can barely outperform my 4 year old computer.

"I simply plugged it into my Mac Mini, and voila' it synced"

Yep apple fanboy, they always have to have anything with a apple logo on it.

wasn't there a article by the same guy yesterday about why the iPad doesn't deserve all the hate?

Ghoul3501d ago

ok maybe this oneliner gets it for you.

Tha apple ipad targets:

Consumers that want a slim easy to use device for simple surfing emailing and app usage, combined with a media capability based on apples service.

GOT IT ???

its not that hard is it.

it ahs a very strong target, the rest uses a laptop, pc or similar anyways.

Stop this nonsense hating, if you dont like it DONT BUY IT. Its not that hard ffs

karlowma3501d ago

I won't buy it. But that doesn't mean I (and 90% of the population, you know, the non-apple fans) don't get sick of reading about it every single day like it's the next coming of Christ. Feel our wrath.

Go masturbate to pics of the iPhone 4G. It won't take you long to find a story.

Eddie201013501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

I have a Ipad and happen to think it is great. When I bought my Ipod touch I was amazed at the amount of stuff the little device could do but I would think if it had a bigger screen and were faster it would be even greater. Apple made it happen.

All these people complain about what it doesn't do without thinking of all the things it can do and all application for nearly anything you would want to do on the go. I don't miss the USB port and I don't miss flash support. I do wish it had the ability to add more storage with SD cards but the applications for the Ipad are so small that even with just sixteen gig you can have lots of music, app/games and movies and still have space leftover.

I have the 32gig version and have about sixty albums, five movies, some music videos, about fifty apps and games, and lots of photos on it and still have about 16 gigs of space unused.

Plus you can stream Netflix and to the device all without having your lap scorched and losing the circulation to your legs.

TheoreticalParticle3501d ago

Ok maybe this summary allows you to comprehend.

The Apple iPad targets people who are not readers of N4G!

Consumers that want a slim easy to use device for simple surfing emailing and app usage, combined with a media capability based on apples service. These people are not on N4G, and therefore posting dozens of Fapple iPad tales of how much said how much this product fills a void in your life that only 1% of N4G shares with you is utterly moronic!

GOT IT ???

Its not that hard to not post these articles here, is it?


Stop this nonsense spamming, if you don't want complaints about your Fapple articles DON'T POST THEM HERE. It's not that hard, FFS.

Ghoul3501d ago

1. I dont like your tone.
2. He ipad is a gaming device and belongs here.
3. If you got a problem with it ignore the news an dont comment on it.
4. I didnt post this news

it seams its the new trend to bash the ipad now that its outdated to bash onnthe ps3

all this nonsense hating just to get some agrees is pathetic and utter nonsense.
Well ill continuento enjoy reading news about the ipad and soon getting my own.

karlowma3501d ago

Apple-bashing is something we can ALL partake in! This is a gaming site, not a tech industry site.

"2. He [sic] ipad is a gaming device and belongs here."

Yeah, with FIFTY THOUSAND GAMES!!! Kool-Aid man says "OH YEAH!"

I can play Tetris on my TI-83+... Guess it's a portable gaming device too.

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CountDracula3501d ago


Where is my belt so I can whip/Lay the Smackdown on the guy who wrote this.

FanOfGaming3501d ago

Honestly that article was full of self ownage.

Basically, all he did was prove that despite the large screen as a plus the same product you've already had with an enlarged price. The glory of the previous products doesn't justify the price of the iPad.

hoops3501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

No HD output
No 16:9 aspect ratio
And Steve God Jobs tells the world the iPad is the best thing for watching movies and TV and surfing the web?
Sorry. The iPad is crap

Kyur4ThePain3501d ago

Why would you need HDMI / HD output for watching TV / movies or surfing the web ON the device?

hoops3501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

Why would I need it? Because Lord Steve Jobs told all you fanboys that the iPad would be the best mobile device for watching TV shows and movies and surfing the web.....and the iPad does not even support HD resolutions OR 16:9 ratio when ALL other slates coming out do.
Surfing the web?
He also told you fanboys that the iPad was better then a netbook and laptop at this...YET the iPad does not support MULTI-TASKING and FLASH....Hate flash all you want but until HTML 5 is up to par with Flash(and it won't be for some time) and considering 90% of sites use Flash, the Ipad is NOT the best device for surfing the web. Its actually the worst as of now.
The iPad is marketed for the unsavy tech person who wants to be "hip"
The device itself is so gimped its sad actually...yet it will sell like hotcakes because as they say:

"A fool and his money are soon parted"

corneliuscrust3501d ago

to write the article while swinging from Jobs' dangly bits.

hoops3501d ago

Dude+bubbles for that comment! LOL

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