What the iPhone 4G Could Mean for Gamers

DualShockers writes, "As Gizmodo is reporting, they managed to get their hands on what could possibly be the iPhone 4G. The phone was said to be found left in a bar, likely by an Apple employee, and acquired by Gizmodo. With the announcement of iPhone OS 4 and the huge success of the iPad it is obvious that Apple is focusing a lot more on gaming with the iPhone platform. Now the latest iPhone incarnation may seek to become mobile gaming's platform of choice, especially among those looking for that all-in-one capability in a mobile device..."

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taz80803501d ago

Looks like they paid $10,000 for the phone! WoW

Hitman07693501d ago

Big props to the guy who found this, I would of got paid for it too. Better believe it !

Hitman07693501d ago

First the gaming network, now this!

Chadness3501d ago

I don't know, no matter how much Apple tries to get into the gaming space, the iPhone just seems like not the best gaming device...for me personally, anyway. There are some decent games on the platform (Plants vs. Zombies ftw), but overall...meh.

JoelT3501d ago

The idea of playing with a multitouch back does sound interesting, considering that one of the gripes people have with gaming on the device is that your thumbs take up precious screen real estate. On the other hand I dunno how I feel about gaming without thumbs.

Polluted3501d ago

I also don't really see how an all-in-one device like the iPhone can really compete with a device made for games and games alone. A little competition never hurt, so I'm certainly not against the iPhone gaming scene, but I just don't see it being the next DS or anything.

On the other hand, releasing a new handset pretty much every year means they should be able to gain and maintain an edge in the graphics department eventually. That could make a difference.

Mr_Showtime13501d ago

Apple are indirectly in the gaming market as such, they almost have their own little section which they completely dominate. It's not so much the iPhone that's tearing it up, it's the iPod Touch. 3 members of my family have iPod Touches now, which they bought because they seen the games on my iPhone and liked the look of them. It's quite a cheap device, the serves the user on many other levels than gaming, but it is not in direct competition with the DS and PSP.

iiprotocolii3501d ago


Mobile gaming was around before the iPhone hit the market. However, it wasn't as mainstream or as popular until Apple released their iPhone and the thing took off. Personally, I don't think that, as competition against the DS or the PSP, the iPhone/iTouch has a ways to go. But that doesn't mean that anyone should brush it off as mere child's play as the iPhone has been selling like hotcakes, along with its cheesy games. Bigger publishers and developers are slowly moving toward the portable device; It's only a matter of time before all the heavy hitters begin making ports/exclusives for it - and I can guarantee that it will happen.

Kratos Spartan3501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

Mobile gaming not as popular or mainstream? The game boys and the DS's both have sold over 100 million units. You don't sell units like that by not being popular or mainstream.

edit @ bearpapa: well I always considered mobile to mean "on the go"
Not saying he's right or wrong though. But I get what you're saying, so it's all good.

beardpapa3501d ago

I think he's talking about mobile gaming (like cell phone quality) and not portable gaming (ds, psp, gameboy, gamegear, etc).

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Ninferno3501d ago

nice... iphones keep getting better and better

Ninferno3501d ago

theyre gonna take over the world!

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The story is too old to be commented.