OXCGN Spots Real-Life Halo 360 For Charity Auction


"OXCGN has Unique Images of Halo Console That's Up For Grabs and many other 'Unique Consoles'

We had the opportunity today to be in the brand new Microsoft Consumer Media Room which just opened at Sydney Head Office. While we were there, getting some hands on with Alan Wake, I stumbled across the range of consoles that had been made specifically for the upcoming Konsoles For Kids Charity Auction, which started this week.

So have a look at them, make sure you do follow the details for the auction, and we'll have more images soon. The Halo one is just fantastic, and it's quite imposing in real life, and would make a great collectors item, and will be worth significant funds in the future."

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BadCircuit3107d ago

The unique pictures on this website look very good.

gaminoz3107d ago

There was something similar done several years ago too I think....

That Halo one is pretty cool.

Belgavion3107d ago

They need a Rolf Harris one