The Armchair Empire: MAG Review

Those who were fans of the SOCOM series may have been surprised to see Zipper Interactive venturing into new territory with MAG: a first person massive online multiplayer shooter set in the future featuring up to 256 players online on a single map, which is astounding considering what other games have offered for the Playstation 3.

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Dylantalon13104d ago

video game reviewing systems are very flawed these days. instead of reviewing games based on its own merits, people are reviewing games based on what's included in other games, so in actuality the games rating suffers because its trying to have an identity.

games should be reviewed on what it has and how well it works. M.A.G is an online only multiplayer game that supports up to 256 people so the first thing reviewers should be doing is play and see how good it is and if there is a lot of glitches and lag online. they should also review how good the graphics are and i can say they are good and better than expected. the graphics in M.A.G are as good if not better than a lot of games, namely bfbc 2. reviewers can review the sounds and other things such as the different game modes and see how well they work.

M.A.G succeeds on what it sets out to do and that is to allow 256 people or massive amount of people to play together online with minimal to no lag and give the feeling to individuals that they are apart of a war that is bigger than themselves where people need to work together to accomplish goals to win.

my post isnt about mainly the review that was given here for M.A.G but for all games that suffered and some that didn't suffer because reviewers aren't doing a good job. ive played games that got all high scores but suffered a lot from deal breaker issues because the game is broken with glitches , a lot of slowdowns or lags a lot online. a game shouldnt be reviewed and the reviewer mentions that the game would have gotten a higher score if it had co op or online or something else. games should just be reviewed by what it has and does well or not.

JackBNimble3104d ago

Are you saying that 7.5/10 is an unfair score?

I personally think this score is on par with the game, MAG is just simply to limited in total game play. For an online only game MAG needs more maps and more game modes in my opinion.